Porto to Host 2011 Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop

Wine Pleasures is pleased to announce that the 3rd annual edition of the Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop will be held from 31st January – 3rd February 2011 in Porto, Portugal.

This year’s Conference & Workshop saw over 200 wine tourism professionals from around the world descend on the little know Catalan village of La Beguda Baixa in the Penedès & Cava wine region of Catalonia, Spain for the 2nd edition of the Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop which was held over four days at the Barceló Hotel Montserrat.

With so many paticipants travelling from Portugal to the event over the last two years,  it has made it an easy decision to take the event to Portugal in 2011. During the next few days the Wine Pleasures Team will be travelling to Porto to choose a suitable venue to host the 3rd edition of the Conference and Workshop. Candidates for the event include The Yeatman Hotel, Pousada Palacio Freixo, Hotel Sheraton Porto and Hotel Tiara Porto.

As well as viewing hotels and sampling the gastronomy and wine we’ll be attending Essencia do Vinho  Wine show at Palacio da Bolsa where, on Thursday 4th March 2010 we will be making in collaboration with DOC DMC and Winelands of Douro the official announcement that Porto and Portugal will be the venue for the Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop 2011. So if you are in Porto for Essencia do Vinho do come along at 18.30 and meet who is who in Porto over a glass of Port!

Upon our return we will be announcing the Hotel venue and will make a first call for papers.

For those of you who missed the 2010 Conference and Workshop here’s a video which takes you from the Pre-Conference Blogger and media day through the Conference and Workshop and finising up with the Fam Trip for Tour Operators. Thank you to our new found friends, LA based  Celebrity Wine Review TV for putting the video together for us. Enjoy!

Live Blogging Plenary session by Rainer Brusis (Innova Management)

Grape Escape Destinations in Spain

The aim of this conference is to present some of the main wine tourism destinations in Spain. The presentation will focus particularly on some of the leading wine tourism destinations in Spain and how wine tourism has evolved in recent years in the following wine regions: La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Rias Baixas, Jerez, Penedès.

It will feature main wine tourism projects, both in cellars, as in accommodation and other leisure facilities related to wine tourism. It will be presented as the example of an emerging wine region with great potential for wine tourism at the international level: D.O. Vinos de Madrid. The conference will also focus on the project “Wine Routes of Spain”, taking place in different Spanish wine regions.

Live Blogging Plenary session by João Falcão (VINITUR)

Grape Escape Destinations in Portugal

Portugal is a largely undiscovered treasure-trove for wine & food lovers: 35 winemaking regions and 11 wine routes, from North to South, the oldest demarcated and controlled winemaking region in the world, and the Douro Winemaking Region, home of Port Wine since 1756. It encompasses an admirable wealth of different wines, primarily produced from native vines which endow them with unique and distinct characteristics.

‘Grape Escape Destinations in Portugal’ is dedicated to present mainland Portugal, a largely undiscovered paradise of wines, fine cuisine and traditional fare. The most western country of Europe´s wine history dates back to before the Roman Conquest. Portugal offers an admirable wealth of different wines, including several that have recently been scored with a maximum of 100 points! Based in images, the Conference will be dedicated to the explanation of the distinct features that the main Portuguese wine regions have to offer to wine tourism. Each region will be described by its wine styles, landscapes, winery architecture, culture, food traditions and more. In addition, conference will include a selection of unique events and programs related to wine and food, one can only find in Portugal.

Live Blogging Plenary session by John Callely (CEO Jameson Distillery Tours)

How our Visitor Centre has grown our Whiskey Sales. Are you open for visits?

In 1984 Jameson opened its first visitor centre called “The Irish Whiskey Corner” in a former Jameson warehouse. Within a short number of years capacity reached saturation level at 46000 visitors per annum. An opportunity to develop a bigger site came our way in 1996 when we repurchased part of the original distillery (which we had sold in the late 70s). This centre opened its doors to the public in 1997 at a total cost of 6.5 million punts and today welcomes in excess of 250000 visitors per year.

In the meantime back in 1992 Jameson opened its second centre in the south of Ireland in Co Cork on a 10 acres site of an original distillery where one of our domestic brands, Paddy Irish Whiskey was distilled for 150 years. Nowadays it is one of the top attractions in the south greeting more than 100000 visitors. Between the two, we welcome over 350000 people and it is proven to be a very important marketing tool for the Jameson brand which is in fact the fastest growing whiskey in the world today.

Live Blogging: Interesting Web 2.0 tools and Community Manager Skills for a Tourism Board

Speaker: Daniel García Peris (Subirats Tourism Office)

Twitter, Facebook, Blog… There’s a new era in communication of tourist activities at the web. A Tourist Board must manage all these applications to create community with their visitors. Presence on the net and use of Web 2.0 makes it possible. Experiences at Patronat de Turisme de Subirats, and Penedès wine catalonian region, will be explained

Live Blogging Whiskey Tasting with John Callely, Jameson Distillery Tours

Whiskey tasting evening with John Callely of Jameson Distillery Tours,
Dublin, Ireland. This will consist of Jameson (standard) Irish Whiskey,
Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch and Jack Daniels Bourbon. John will talk
the group through the smell and taste differences between the categories and outline briefly the distilling process.

Live Blogging Wines from Bulgaria

Bulgarian wine tasting evening with Juan Manuel Gonzalvo (Sommelier)
and Nedko Nedev (Vinos de Bulgaria).

Bulgaria is producing about 70% red wines, 25% white wines and 5% fortified
and sparkling wine. Over 80% of the wine production is exported nowadays
to over 70 countries spread worldwide. Bulgarian wines are winning medals
and recognitions at most prestigious fairs and exhibitions in Spain, Italy,
France, the UK, America, Canada, Singapore, China, Germany, and
Recommend the indigenous grape varieties like Mavrud, Melnik, and Rubin
(Nebbiolo and Shiraz crossing), as well as the traditionally superb quality
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
Bulgarian oak barrels contribute to the uniqueness of the Bulgarian wines
adding to them hints of vanilla, white bread, and walnut. The quality of the
Bulgarian oak is considered very close to that of the leading French oak (both
are tight-grain oaks). A combination of Bulgarian, French, and American oak
barrels is most common within boutique Bulgarian wineries.
Some of the best Bulgarian white wines have aged in an acacia barrels.

Live Blogging: Round Table – What is a Blog and Why Should a Winery Have One?

Moderator: Albert Moreno (FeedbackMP)
Panel: Barbara Siemianiuk (Caves Montau de Sadurní), Ana Belén Hernández Soto (Vintae Luxury Wine Specialists), Marcel Sabaté i Coca (Cavas Castellroig)

Live Blogging: Wine Tourism in Hungary Marianna Pósfai (Wine Time Hungary)

Have you ever heard about Kadarka, Juhfark or Királyleányka? These tongue-twisting names referring to grapes which are exclusively grown in Hungary. Wine production is reviving in Hungary and more and more quality, family wineries welcome wine lovers from all over the world. Wine Time Hungary offers various wine tours to the famous wine regions and other wine themed services to explore and enjoy Hungarian wine.