50 Rosé Wines to Chill With

June 24, 2024
By winepleasures

Summer is here, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to chill out with the finest rosé wines the world has to offer. The 2024 edition of the 50 Great Rosé Wines of the World competition has concluded, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. This year, our esteemed panel of judges blind-tasted entries from a diverse range of countries, including France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Serbia, and more, focusing solely on quality.

Discover the Top 50 Rosé Wines

While dry rosés dominated the top 50, this year introduced a fascinating trend: the subtle influence of oak and amphora aging. These techniques showcased the versatility of rosé, adding complexity and texture without sacrificing the refreshing character that defines the style.

The colour spectrum within the winning wines was truly captivating. From the palest onion skin to blush pink and vibrant salmon, the rosés reflected the unique grape varietals and winemaking styles employed. Delicate Provence rosés, based on blends of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault, stood proudly alongside the bolder expressions of Primitivo, Sangiovese, and Aglianico from Italy, each offering a distinct and delightful experience.

Italy Takes the Crown

This year, Italy emerged victorious, claiming the top spot with Siddura’s stunning Nudo 2023 (Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Rosato), which scored an impressive 96 points. This wine exemplifies the excellence and innovation that Italian rosé producers bring to the table.

Global Excellence in Rosé

While Italy took top honors, the competition truly embraced the global nature of rosé. Spain secured several coveted spots with remarkable entries from Castilla-León (Bodegas Gordonzello), Penedès (Aymar – Castell de Pujades), and Sierras de Malaga (Gross Hnos). Portugal also made a strong showing, with their innovative use of indigenous grape varieties like Touriga Nacional (Herdade do Freixo II) and Tinta Cão (Quinta do Monte Travessi), adding unique voices to the world of rosé and earning them well-deserved places in the top 50.

Unexpected Stars

One of the most exciting aspects of this year’s competition was the entries from unexpected corners of the globe. Serbia made a delightful debut with a medium dry rosé crafted from a blend of Prokupac and Cabernet Sauvignon, showcasing the growing diversity and quality in the rosé category.

A Rosé for Every Palate

The 2024 50 Great Rosé Wines of the World competition serves as a powerful reminder that rosé is not just a summer fling, but a serious category with something to offer every palate. From the bone-dry, food-friendly styles to the slightly richer, oak-aged expressions, there’s a rosé waiting to be discovered. This year’s results celebrate not only the quality of the wines but also the diversity of styles, regions, and grape varieties that are pushing the boundaries of rosé production.

Explore the full list of winners and scores and celebrate the summer with the finest rosés from around the globe here>>


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