Terroir Wine Imports Looking to be a Part of Increasing Italian Wine Market Share in Canada

Terroir Wine Imports at Wine Pleasures Reverse Trade MissionTerroir Wine Imports Ltd., named for Terroir, which loosely translates to mean “sense of place,” strives to embody its name by selecting wine producers that share their passion for quality and use their expertise and vision to create wines with meaning. Based in Canada, Terroir Wine Imports is aware that Italian wines are extremely important in the Canadian market. This special interest in Italian wines originates from the number of Italians that live in Canada and also from an appreciation for fine red and white wines produced throughout various regions in Italy. As a company focused on carefully selecting wines in order to introduce them into the market of Ontario, Canada, they take special notice of the trending popularity of Italian wines….

Great Interest in Canada for a diverse range of Wines of Italy

Lamprecht International  at Wine Pleasures WorkshopLamprecht International is a mid-sized agency, based in the province of Ontario. They concentrate on supplying fine wines to their government alcohol monopoly (LCBO) in Canada. There is a great interest within the department to supply a diverse range of Italian wines, both red and white. That being said, they are constantly attuned with different varieties of wines produced in Italy and are looking for ones that would be popular in the Canadian market.

Lamprecht International has access to all parts of the provincial wine market, at the restaurant, hotel and private consumer levels. Currently, they represent producers from Austria, France, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany and Argentina.

Helen Lamprecht, managing director of Lamprecht International, talked with us more about what …

Chinese wine lovers soon to be drinking great Italian wines

Cathleen Lamprecht at Wine Pleasures WorkshopWine in China is synonymous with social status. Wine is consumed above all in Hotels and Restaurants, private parties (as a present to the host), and as a gift to from corporates to their  clients. Word of mouth is very important. Shanghai based Europasia International Trading Company started back in 2005 and to date has focused mainly on the import of French wines. Times are changing and now the focus is to import from countries from around the world. Italy and Italian wines are high on the list.

In talking with Cathleen Lamprecht, General Manager of Europasia (Shanghai) we gained some further insights into Chinese wine preferences and Europasia….

Airen Imports Eager to Build Italian Wine Portfolio for Canadian Market

Airen Imports is an agent/importer of wine to the Liquor Boards of Canada and ensures listing and distribution for each brand. Their portfolio includes various high quality wines from Spain, Australia, California, New Zealand and a few from Italy. Airen Imports specifically realizes the success and popularity of Italian wines in the Canadian market. They are hoping to find Italian wine producers that contribute to their reputation of introducing exceptional wines into the market in Canada.

In talking with Laura Rapuano, founder and president of Airen …

Estima Consulting Looks to Introduce Wines of Italy to Thailand

Estima Consulting at Wine PleasuresThe market in Thailand is unfamiliar with wines produced in regions of Italy and, therefore, the variety and offering is very minimal. Estima Consulting Co., Ltd., a wine importing business located in Thailand, is hoping to take advantage of this opportunity and introduce fine Italian wines to this part of the world. They are hoping to establish a greater understanding of the unique flavors that different varieties and regions of Italy offers in both red and white wines. The director and the chief financial officer of Estima Consulting are hoping to initially appeal to the Thailand government and then through this connection, ignite a stronger interest in the consumer base. With over twelve years of experience in the wine business, Estima Consulting sees the prospects in presenting the untapped market of Italian wines to customers in Thailand.

Sunee Jaroenchai, CFO of Estima Consulting, discusses the evolution of the company and its director …

Italian Wines Are Alluring U.S. Markets! New Vision Wines is Taking Notice

New Vision Wines Wine Pleasures WorkshopWith a central focus on the U.S. market, from the east coast to the west coast, New Vision Wines is constantly keeping updated on new, unique Italian wines. This is because Italian wines have topped in popularity in the states, taking the spotlight from countries like Spain and Argentina. In addition to their mission to import valued wines in the U.S. marketplace, New Vision Wines also has a strong focus on providing wine from unique wineries that are family owned and have a small production.

New Vision Wines has a network of importers, distributors, and sub-brokers with a specialty in small, family owned brands. They focus on approaching smaller tier markets and partners in these areas with a focus on the on-premise clientele and more exclusive wine shops and retailers. …

Overland Trade look out for Quality Italian Wines for growing Asian markets

Overland Trade at Wine Pleasures WorkshopItalian wines are becoming more and more popular in the Asia-Pacific market, with consumer demand growing each year. As a wine company primarily focused in this region, Overland Trade is hoping to take full advantage of the increasing interest in this location of wine production.

Overland Trade brings an extensive knowledge of wine with 20 years of experience and a concentrated understanding of Asian markets. Their current portfolio offers a wine range of Chateaux and Estate wines from the Old World, as well as a number of innovative brands from the New World, all of which have been singled out by their in-field sourcing team. Overland Trade continues to increase their network of global wine contacts by tasting new wines and meeting up-and-coming producers. With this growing network, they are able to provide their customers with a distinctive wine offering.

Christine Vallet, wine buyer for Overland Trade, let us in on her goals for this year´s Buyer Meets Italian Cellar workshop and also gave us some background about Overland Trade´s development throughout the years. …

Healthy Singapore wine market brings Our Wine Arcade to Wine Pleasures Workshops

Jimmy Ler attends Buyer meets Iberian Cellar 2012

The wine scene in Singapore has not always been as vibrant as it is today. The country may have British roots, but wine drinking was traditionally the province of the well-heeled and the upper-class, but not ingrained in the daily life of the majority of the population. Twenty years ago, it was only the hotels that boasted decent wine lists – and those were predominantly French wines. The last ten years have proven to be revolutionary, and part of the change is a by-product of the surge in Australian wines. The fruit-forward styles, without the puckering tannins that people usually associate with French wines, coupled with consumer friendly prices, mean that the middle-class can now easily afford a bottle of wine.

This wine drinking culture is further buoyed by the rise of Generation X, who studied…

Massis de Garraf an Exceptional Terroir for Spanish Wine

Wine Pleasures visits Finca Valdoserra 3The Penedes region is Catalonia’s largest region in terms of size and production, and covers an area of 27,000 hectares of vineyards. Varieties include Macabeo, Chardonnay, Subirat Parent, Xarel·lo and Parellada white vines, as well as the red varieties of Mazuela, Garnacha, Samsó, Ull de Llebre, Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Finca Valldosera, located in the Massis de Garraf, produces excellent estate cavas and wines in an interesting microclimate in the region of Penedes.  The winery is situated approximately seven kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, and the hills forming the Massís reach a height of 500 meters, forming a surprising craggy landscape which is made up of two very different parts: one of chalky and sedimentary rocks and the other, a reef of reddish sand on the eastern part of the plain’s nature reserve….

Fine Wine Collections hunting Savagely for boutique Iberian wines

Barry  Savage at Wine Pleasures BMIC 2011Boston, USA based Barry Savage is a Buyer Meets Iberian Cellar veteran looking forward to another successful event this year in the Sitges, Spain.  Barry grew up on a winery in Australia and has always had an interest in wine, so five years ago Barry leveraged his 30+ years in the import/export business and started Fine Wine Collections, Inc., focusing initially on high quality boutique wines from Australia and New Zealand.  We were fortunate to speak with Barry about his views on Spanish wines and the BMIC event.  Below are his answers to our questions.

1. You attended the Buyer Meets Iberian Cellar workshop last year and we’re happy have you join us again this year, what is it about the workshop that keeps you coming back?

Firstly, the format is great.  It’s valuable to have the opportunity to meet one on one with Cellars from a number of countries and maximize the use of time in direct dialogue with each Cellar.  The large Trade Shows cannot match the value of this experience as too much time is lost moving between stands and discussions are in a rushed and impersonal environment. …