Winery Architecture Gives Added Value to German Wine Travel Lovers

Wolfgang Volk, CEO of Arttours, placed close to one thousand clients on wine tours across Europe last year, offering tailor-made tours, with over two hundred of these operating across Germany. A slice of culture is what matters to Mr. Volk; Arttours not only touring the wineries, clients are offered the works, taking in the architecture, local restaurants and neighboring cities to get a true taste of the wines and their influences.

As one of the attendees at the 2011 International Wine Tourism Workshop , we had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Volk.  Below are his responses to our questions:   

1) As the 2011 Wine Conference takes place in Porto, Portugal this year, how do you view Porto as a wine destination? Porto is a wonderful wine destination. It’s perfect for a wine tour. An old city with the Port-Cellars and the Douro River with its vineyards. So you can combine a city trip with beautiful landscape and boat trips….

Grape Escape France Flitting to & from Hotel La Terrasse au Soleil

The Hotel La Terrasse au Soleil, where we were staying in the vibrant party-town of Céret, is situated amidst a glut of chestnut, pine and beech trees looking out onto grand views of the mountains and valley below. The town sits in the foothills of the Pyrenees and is famous for its artistic roots, at one time accommodating Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, amongst others.

Céret sits roughly fifty miles north of the Spanish border, offering a mild climate and abundance of wildlife; with mild activities such as hiking, horse riding or, for the more adventurous visitor, quad biking and cave walks. …

Brazilian Wine & Travel Lovers Look for Old World “Enoturismo” Destinations

It’s a welcome back to the International Wine Tourism for Aldo Senna Franco of Sao Paulo based Alfran Tour Operadora de Turismo who is clearly establishing his company in the wine tourism market for Brasilian wine lovers. Aldo attended the first ever International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshp back in 2009 in the Spanish seaside wine town of Sitges in the Garraf-Penedès wine region and since then his wine tourism business is clearly on the increase.

As one of the attendees at the 2011 International Wine Tourism Workshop , we had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Senna Franco.  Below are his answers to our questions: 

1) As the 2011 Wine Conference takes place in Porto, Portugal this year, how do you view Porto as a wine destination?

Porto is a very important wine tour destination because of their own product … The Porto wine is unique, and all the passengers want to have this unique experience …. Specialy for the brazilians, we were colonized by Portugal, and we have a very close relationship with Portugal people ……

Bridging the Gap Between Love of Wine & Wineries. That’d be Social Media!

C. Jason Mancebo has been working in the technology industry for nineteen years as a developer, manager and public speaker, primarily in and for digital media. As well as this he has several patents pending in the fields of real-time digital video storage and dynamic content libraries and file systems. Jason is attending The International Wine Tourism Conference (31 Jan – 2 Feb 2011) to discuss the art of success when it comes to utilizing the Internet, with imagery, story and social media to effectively bridge the gap between love of wine and the wineries.

As one of the speakers at the 2011 International Wine Tourism Conference, we had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mancebo about social media and networking in the wine tourism industry. Below are Mr. Mancebo’s responses to our questions: 

1) As the 2011 Wine Conference takes place in Porto, Portugal, how do you view Porto as a wine destination?

Ahhh, Oporto. Of course, the center of the world of Port, but additionally, the key destination to learn, explore and experience the diverse and rich history and culture of the Portuguese wine industry….

Charles Metcalfe Plenary Speaker at the International Wine Tourism Conference 2011

Charles Metcalfe is one of the best-known, most spontaneous and amusing wine critics in Britain. He spent 12 years as one of the Richard-and-Judy team on the TV programme, ‘This Morning’, and has presented many TV programmes on wine and food. He is co-founder and co-chairman of the International WINE Challenge, the world’s best wine competition, held annually in London. We are pleased to announce that Charles will delivering a plenary session titled Wine Tourism – A Solution to Europe’s Wine Lake? at the upcoming International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop in Oporto. His talk will be followed by a wine tasting: The Surprising Wines of Portugal.

Charles is in great demand to talk (never lecture) about wine. His friendly, relaxed style and abundant store of winey anecdotes wins any audience, and makes the sometimes pompous and intimidating subject of wine easy and fun. He prefers his audiences to have a glass in hand. An evening of ‘Wine Options’ is one of his specialities – tables (of total amateurs, wine enthusiasts or anywhere in between ) compete with each other to guess the identity of a series of wines. …

Wine & Culinary Tourism Worldwide Group on Linkedin

As you must know the not to be missed annual International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop is coming up from 31 Jan to 3 Feb 2011 in the Great Wine Capital of Oporto. We have received several suggestions that we should create a networking group page on Linkedin for the event. Well, we listened and took action! We have just created the Wine & Culinary Tourism Worldwide Group to which you are most welcome to join. Please introduce yourself to the rest of the group members and tell us all about yourself. Please feel free to start a discussion so we can all get to the bottom of the bottle on the point in question….

World Wine Workshop Announced

With so many wines going to be on show at the up coming International Wine Tourism Conference we’ve decided to bring in the wine importers, distributors, agents and the on-trade to attend a Hosted Buyer programme.

Selling wine sells wine tourism and opening winery doors to wine tourists sells more  wine.

Participating wineries get a win win situation by attending this unique event – they sell to the wine importer and the importer sells to the retailer who in turns sells to the consumer who would just love a trip to Argentina, California, Italy, Turkey and of course Portugal and visit the wineries making his/her favourite wines. The winery gets to meet his consumers and gets loyalty to the brand as well as of course more sales through word of mouth selling.

Wine importers from around the world but primarily from Canada, European countries, and the USA will be attending the World Wine Workshop and within the context of the International Wine Tourism Conference. The event will kick of with wines from the host country, The Surprising Wines of Portugal led by Charles Metcalfe, the well-known British wine critic and will be followed by wine tastings and private appointment settings. Subsequent days will be devoted to private tastings with the wine makers and with the aim of pairing up for an import/export agreement….

2011 International Wine Tourism Preview Programme Available

At last it’s out! – the official International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop Programme Preview and we are very proud to present another packed conference programme of not to be missed talks. We have five world-class plenary speakers as well as over 40 workshops and talks. We are offering more wine tastings and matching sessions than ever before and we are extending our programme to include daily Social Media Clinic sessions for participants.

Taking place at the Palacio do Freixo, Porto , Portugal from 31 January – 3 February 2011, the event’s third year promises to be an outstanding one as the wine and travel world recognize the importance of the event in the global meetings calendar….

Life’s Pleasures in a Nutshell: Travel, Gourmet Food and a Glass of Wine

Vinho Verde, great food and traditional dancing at Paço de Calheiros

Ruth Hernandez, owner and president of Aaeros Travel, founded the company in 1995 with the vision of providing her clients with a personal touch and superior service based on her continued commitment to traveling. Ms. Hernandez seeks to give clients new experiences whilst enhancing their knowledge of wine producing regions. 

As one of the attendees of the International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop 2011, we had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Hernandez about how travel and wine go so well together. Here is her interview: 

1) As the 2011 Wine Conference takes place in Porto, Portugal this year, how do you view Porto as a wine destination? 

I have traveled through Portugal in the past and what I remember most is the wonderful seafood, especially the variety of shellfish and the red and green wines. Remembering such a wonderful experience I often look for the Green wines here and until recently I found them in the stores. Most people here do not seem to be familiar with this particular wine and I do spread my preferences at the counters where others in line can hear my comments. 

Once the word is circulated I am sure it will become an exciting new destination for wine lovers, especially for those who are looking for something new other than Italian, and French wines. …

The Yeatman Hotel Premier Sponsor for International Wine Tourism Conference Oporto 2011

Iconic hotel The Yeatman is to offer premier sponsorship for the Wine Tourism Conference in the Great Wine Capital of Porto, January 2011. 

The Yeatman Hotel, which is the first luxury wine hotel in Portugal and truly a wine connoisseur’s dream is to be the premier sponsor for the International Wine Tourism Conference held in Porto, Portugal at the beginning of 2011. The hotel reflects much of the personality of the ancient city where the event will take place; the elegance and antiquity of one of the World’s Great Wine Capitals reflected in the extensive cellar and unrivalled collection of Portuguese wines.

The Hotel

Overlooking the historic centre of Porto, The Yeatman sits on the South bank of the Douro River. A stone throw away from where Port houses age and blend their wines, the hotel provides a beacon – not only for all tourists visiting the city – but also the visiting tour operators, speakers and wine experts who will attend the conference, setting a high standard for the wine tourism industry. Deep in the private grounds that span over two and a half hectares, The Yeatman presents landscaped gardens, two panoramic pools, an inspiring restaurant and bar as well as a cellar brimming with both wood-aged vintage ports and a broad selection of new world wines from across the globe. 


There will be a selection of international speakers with over forty presentations throughout the conference including a plenary session with Celebrity Wine Review TV, hosted by Hollywood actress and wine presenter – Charity Winters. Others include: Portugal as a Wine…