Canned Wine Anyone?

July 14, 2022
By winepleasures

Canned wine production and sales have been developing apace in the New World for several years. Judging by the brands displayed at online retailers and the increasing amount of shelf space in supermarket coolers, the canned wine movement is clearly becoming more and more popular in the Old World. Further, recent lockdowns and gathering restrictions have played a significant part in the rise of wine in a can.

Why canned wine?

Cans are a great option for al fresco drinking and picnics or concerts in the park, out in the countryside, by the pool where glass is most likely prohibited as may be the case with a cork screw – considered a dangerous object.

Also a ring-pull is great option for event organisers of festivals and sporting events. Cans are convenient, lighter to carry, faster to chill, make for a single serve, allow for portion control, and there’s less likely of waste not having to open an entire bottle.

Another major advantage of cans is their reduced carbon footprint – aluminium has far higher recycling rates than glass, and the carbon effect of shipping lighter containers is significant on fuel costs.

So how good is Canned Wine?

More and more retailers are stocking wines in a can which is good indication that canned wines are enjoyable. This year Wine Pleasures has launched it’s very first competition for canned wines titled 50 Great Canned Wines of the World and the competition does what is says on the can – publish the awards and results for 50 best canned wines in the world. Producers then have the option to put their award, be it a Gold or Silver one on the can so the consumer a clear indication as to which ones are probably the best ones to buy.

View the awards and scores for:

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