Istria & Vinistra pave the way for wine & culinary tourism in Croatia

When many people think of Croatia they do not think of wine and culinary Tourism. Think again! The Croation National Tourist Board breaks Croatian down into digestible chunks and include Kvarner, Dalmazia, Zagrabria Slavonia and Istria.

Istria (or ISTRA to Croats) is where Continental Croatia meets the Adriatic Sea. The coast or “Blue Istra” gets flooded with “beach and sun” tourists. Head inland to “Green Istra” and you’ll notice that crowds dissipate, hotels complexes give way to charming rural accommodations set within unspoiled countryside of medieval hilltop towns, pine forests, fertile valleys and vineyard- dotted hills….

Wineries working together that’s Cantine Aperte

Cantine AperteThe Movimento Turismo del Vino (Wine Tourism Movement) is an association created in 1993 that has encouraged Italian wineries to open their doors to visitors: Italy has now become the country of “Cantine Aperte,” the annual event organised by MTV on the last Sunday of May. MTV is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting wine tourism and improving the wine areas’ image and prestige, as well as their economic development. MTV wants to stand for protection of the environment and for quality agriculture; promoting a natural life-style that puts the visitor at the centre of attention….

Have a glass of wine ready! IWINETC 2012 Programme available!

IWINETC 2012 Conference programmeThe IWINETC 2012 online Conference Programme and IPhone App are officially Ready!  Download the App for moment to moment access to all of the talks, Speakers and Speaker profiles, Daytime Tours and Evening Activities, Social Programme, Workshop Participants and information, and conference news!

You will find content about the Plenary Sessions with Michael Wangbickler and his talk “Wine tourism does not exist. There is only tourism”, Jane Hunt’s “A Personal View – Success and Pitfalls”, Chiara Lungarotti’s “Italian Wineries Speak and a New Tourism Strategy is Born”, and “Croatia as a grape escape destination” by Zlatan Muftic….

Wine Tourism is a Financially Stable & Viable Business!

In June 2011 the Great Wines Capital Global Network conducted a market research project titled the Financial Stability and Viability of wine tourism business in the GWC. They ask around 500 wineries around the world some interesting questions such as:

How much does a wine tourism spend at the winery? In Italy (Florence) 200 USD, Napa 188 USD

What are the most important benefits for you as a territory? 69% Branding, 62% Revenue, 36% Employment

The most effective promotion tools are Tourist offices and Tour operators and travel agents. Only in the New World is great use made of social media channels. Europe still investing in printed material though this is in decline.

All interviewees consider wine tourism as financially viable except those in Florence and Mendoza. On the other hand…

Is it all just exam technique to become a Master of Wine?

To date, there are just 289 Masters of Wine in the world throughout 23 countries, 79 of these are female. These numbers reflect those people in the global wine community who have achieved excellence in the knowledge and communication of wine – more commonly known as Masters of Wine (MW’s). 

Wine Pleasures spoke with Jane Hunt MW about what it took to complete the rigorous process of earning the ultimate wine industry qualification. The examination consists of three parts – theory, practical and a dissertation. Hunt passed her exam in 1985, the 12th female to pass, and explained that the most difficult part of the process is how to correctly communicate the knowledge via the written form. …

Conferencia Inaugural IX Congreso de Museos del Vino de España

El pasado día 4 de mayo 2011 tuvo lugar en el  Parador de Monforte de Lemos  el IX Congreso de Museos del Vino de España . Anthony Swift, Gerente de la empresa Wine Pleasures impartió una ponencia interesante titulada Como Vender Más y Mejor Visitas Enoturísticas.

La ponencia se basó en una nota sectorial del mercado del enoturismo en California. Dicha nota, proporciona una definición del sector y analiza la oferta, el papel de las instituciones y los factores de comercialización. Ofrece información sobre los valles de producción de Napa y Sonoma.

En cuanto a la comercialización de productos enoturísticos Swift dejó claro que las acciones más eficazes para captar enoturístas hacia un territorio es de organizar Fam Trips ( aquellos que tienen como objetivo mostrar in situ la oferta del destino) para tanto Bloggers como para Tour Operators y Agencias de Viaje.

En cuanto a captar el consumidor final (el que organiza todo desde su casa), Swift demostró que el medio más…

Douro Girls

Think Douro and you may think The Douro Boys. Think again!

During preparations for the 2011 International Wine Tourism Conference the Wine Pleasures team in collaboration with DOC-DMC team made extensive visits around Portugal in order to set up Blogger/Media and Tour Operator and Travel agent Fam Trips.

During our time in the Douro all of the potential hosts (and sponsors) for these Fam trips seemed to be run by women. Think Douro? Think Douro Girls!

Here are some of the many Douro Girls we met on our travels. All of them involved in making the Douro Valley a memorable experience for wine lovers who come to visit.

2012 International Wine Tourism Conference 30 Jan to 2 Feb 2012, Perugia, Umbria, Italy.

IX Congreso de Museos del Vino de España – Crecer en tiempos de crisis

Los próximos días 4 al 6 de mayo 2011 se celebrará el IX Congreso de Museos del Vino de España en el  Parador de Monforte de Lemos  el Centro del vino de Ribeira Sacra, Monforte de Lemos. A las  17:00h  Don Severino Rodríguez, Alcalde de Monforte de Lemos,  Doña María José Vega, Vicepresidenta 3ª de la Diputación de Lugo,  Don José Manuel Rodríguez, Presidente del Consejo Regulador de la D.O Ribeira Sacra y  Don Eduardo Díez Morrás, Presidente de La Asociación de Museos del vino de España inaugurarán el Congreso seguido por la  Conferencia Inaugural. Como Vender Más y Mejor Visitas Enoturísticas impartido por Don Anthony Swift, Gerente de la empresa organizadora del Congreso y Workshop International de Enoturismo, Wine Pleasures.

El programa de ponencias y visitas para este evento es el siguiente:

The Great Spanish Wine Quiz

The Great Spanish Wine Quiz, part of the After Conference Programme at the 2011 International Wine Tourism Conference in Oporto proved to be very enjoyable and humbling. Winning team had three Spanish based players including the Carles Tubella (Vice Presidente de la Cámara Comercio de  Reus, Stephen Fallows (Faisca Turismo Consulting) and Carles Sala (Sala Ferusic Architects).

The quiz was hosted by Charity Winters of Celebrity Wine Review TV  and the wines were sponsored by Ferré i Catsús. Three wines from Penedès based Ferré i Catasús winery were served to contestants during the quiz: Cava Brut Reserve Nature, Xarel.lo and CaMerlot. Jethro Swift provided Spanish pronunciation clarification of Spanish and Catalan words. Winning team in the picture got a Ferré i Catasús Cava Brut Nature Magnum which they sportingly shared with losing teams.

For those of you who couldn’t make Oporto 2011 here are the questions. How many can you answer?…