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50 Great Sparkling Wine Corks to Pop in 2013

October 03, 2013
By winepleasures

50 Great Sparkling Wines 2013 CoverAfter solely focusing their publishing efforts into demystifying the sparkling Spanish delicacy, cava, by creating the annually released 50 Great Cavas eBook, the innovative minds of Wine Pleasures have once again become inspired to spread the good wine word. Wine Pleasures, the popular online haven for advice, explanation, and general information regarding the world of wine, is ready to broaden their readers’ horizons in a very literal way.

50 Great Sparkling WinesThis premier online publication of 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World marks a momentous occasion for Wine Pleasures. While previously and continuously utilizing their platform in the wine community to provide an outlet of exposure for Spanish cavas, they are now able to introduce sparkling wines from all over the globe. Anthony Swift, founder and owner of Wine Pleasures, explains, “We have a mission and a responsibility to enrich our readers’ wealth of knowledge of wine from any and all wine regions of the world. We know how difficult it can be to uncover this information, even on the internet.”

Finca Sophenia 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World 2013There is no doubt that Wine Pleasures’ 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World will fulfill the online wine world’s needs for sparkling wine information, by all but pouring them a glass of the alluring elixirs. The book will provide the history of sparkling wine, detailed explanation of the various production methods used, and, of course, a list of the 50 great sparkling wines, with accompanying profiles of their respective wineries. A delightful bonus to the package is the brilliant photographs that accompany the winery descriptions, transporting the reader from the rugged mountains of Argentina all the way to the rolling coastal vineyards of Italy.

Gramona 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World 2013While Wine Pleasures knows how important facts and information are to their wine worshiping readers, they are well aware of what they might place on a slightly higher pedestal:  wine quality. Armed with this knowledge, they recruited five the most experienced and respected experts in the business. This equally valuable yet extremely diverse panel of tasters is comprised of individuals who have worked in and around the industry for nearly their entire lives, devoting much of their energy to furthering their education and continually gaining experience in the art and science of wine. With this collection of competent and discerning palates judging each given wine according to its colour, bouquet, balance, sparkle-retention, flavor, and finish, 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World is certain to have a delicious and decisively scored selection of sparkling wines.

Even more amazing than Wine Pleasures’ enthusiasm for sharing the world of wine with the world wide web is their generosity in doing so. That’s right, when 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World is released on October 1st, all readers have to relinquish is a few measly megabytes of computer memory.

50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World 2013 available here>>


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