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50 Great Cavas tastiing50 Great Cava Blogger – Media Fam Trip 2014

We have been tasting, rating and writing about Cavas since 2011 for the e-book, 50 Great Cavas. From what we’ve researched, it’s the most comprehensive guide to Spanish sparkling wine available online and to make it even better, it’s free to download!

50 Great Cavas 2014 coverNot only does the book showcase the best wines from this virtually undiscovered Designation of Origen (DO), but gives Cava the recognition it deserves. Rivaling Champagne in both quality and tradition, Cavas from Spain often get little to no love from the world wine market, and in 2011 we decided to change that by authoring this book. It’s written for both consumers and wine professionals, so everyone really can enjoy and learn from our hard, palate-breaking work.

In the book, we not only present tasting notes, price ranges and scores for 50 of the DO’s greatest sparkling quaffs, but we also detail the history, process and grapes of Cava. To make it personal, the judges visited and profiled each of the wineries whose wines made it into the top 50.

We especially loved the visits! At every winery we were led by either the owner or winemaker and really got a feel for what made each Bodega so special. More importantly, though, through our visits we came to understand Cava on a much grander scale…what made it such a distinct region in terms of people, quality, innovation, and character.

50 Great Cavas wine tourThis book really is the definitive guide to Cava and is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn more about the DO, where to go, which Cavas to buy and who to talk to. Download the 2014 edition here>>

4 years  on and we’ve put together the 50 Great Cava Wine Tasting Tour which is a unique grape escape excursion allowing wine lovers to visit some of the 50 Great Cavas producers in Spain.

Now the producers making the 50 Great Cavas are prepared to chip in and help cover costs for a Blogger – Media Fam Trip for a Group of 6 bloggers and/or traditional media so here’s the proposed programme:

50 Great Cavas wine tourDay 1 Monday 6 October 

Arrive Barcelona and train to Sant Sadurni Station pick up and transfer to your accommodation for a welcome glass of one of the 50 Great Cavas 2014.

Programme will consist of 3-4 winery vists per whole day, longs lunches and dinners matched with cavas and accommodation appropriate for wine tourism. Programme TBA around 15 Sept.

Day 2 Tuesday 7 October

50 Great Cavas LLopart

Day 3 Wednesday 8 October 

Day 4 Thursday 9 October 

Day 5 Friday 10 October

So if you are still reading you are considering being part of the Blogger – Media Fam Trip  – Okay… this is what we require for guest media/bloggers:


1) evidence of published stories in publications (print/digital) on wine and/or relevant areas (food/lifestyle/travel) – please send us a few links/clippings

2) a) a commission or b) a likelihood of a commission of stories arising from the trip, and in the absence of either, assurance of publication of stories on the trip/aspects of on the journalist/writers’ own site/blog


1) evidence of published photographs in publications (print/digital) on wine and/or relevant areas (food/lifestyle/travel) – please send us a few links/clippings

2) a) a commission or b) a likelihood of a commission of a photo essay or sale of photos arising from the trip, and in the absence of either, publication of photos/photo essays on the journalist/writers’ own site/blog


1) evidence of a quality site/blog on wine/food/travel (and if food/travel, with significant content on wine) with a healthy readership, demonstrated by either:

a) a large audience, or b) if a small audience, it must be a highly engaged audience. Please provide  site stats (subscriber/visitor numbers) and a few links to best wine-related pieces.

2) assurance that the blogger will publish a minimum of 6 blog posts related to 50 Great Cavas

IN ADDITION to all of the above we would like writers/photographers/bloggers to be any or all of the following:

– that they be active on social media, Facebook/Twitter in particular, and have an engaged following

– that they commit to live-tweeting on Twitter and/or posting to Facebook throughout the conference and blogger/media trip and agree to live-tweet visits and tastings (WIFI permitting) and use the  #tags – to be determined

– that the bloggers/writers/journalists commit to providing text and 1 image for at least 6 blog posts during the trip. Photographers commit to providing some images/captions and/or photo essay during the trip

Still interested in 5 days of bubbles, food, travel,  blogging, and tweeting? If so fill in the Blogger Fam Trip Registration Form.

Don’t forget October is harvest season!

See what has been written previously on the 50 Great Cavas and their producers here>>

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