50 Great Cavas 2013 Article Directory

Below is a list of article titles written by the 50 Great Cava 2013 Media Group:

Sarah Walton published works:


Biodynamic or bull? Winemaking with magic.
Fideuà with prawns and calamari
Sparkling wine reviews – The Massif Garraf region
Hostel Can Carol
Wine Cathedrals – Catedrals del vi

Annette White published works:


Drink the Carpe Diem Cave in the Penedes Region of Spain
Eat Dinner in a Cava Cave in Spain
Make (& Eat) Pan Con Tomate in Spain
Explore the Depths of a Cava Cave in Spain
Upcoming Bucket List Adventures: Spain

Linda Kissam published works:


The Search for 50 Great Cavas
Understanding Cava Wines
Sipping Great Cava in Spain
Luxe Travel Guide:  Barcelona Spain

Christina Portz published works:


Bodacious Bohigas
Video with Manel Avinyo of Clos Lentiscus
Christina loves Mascaró Cava

Ashika Mathews published works:


Cava, take a bow

Tom Plant published works:


Everyday Luxury – The 50 Great Cavas Tour
Adios To The 50 Great Cavas
50 Great Cavas In Pictures
50 Great Cavas – Let The Tour Begin

Ruth Troyano published works:


Cava,  una il.lusió
Caves Gramona/ 50 Great Cavas. Dia 1
Fonda Neus/50 Great Cavas Dia 2

Wine Pleasures Team published works:


30 Great Chapas from 50 Great Cavas 2013
50 Great Cavas 2013 Revealed!
A Wine Country Bike Tour to 50 Great Cava Producer Rovellats
Bohigas Present the Perfect Wine Tourism Experience – Velada Tradicional en la Masia
Gaudí & Modernism Art Inspire the Making of Great Cavas at Castell D’Or
50 Great Cava Blogger Team 2013 Announced!
50 Great Cavas 2013 – a Wine Pleasures Visit to Pere Ventura
Hundreds of Years of Family Tradition Brings us to a glass of Bohigas Cava

Wine Pleasures Team published works from 50 Great Cavas 2012 & 2011:


50 Great Cavas 2012 – a Wine Pleasures Visit to Canals Canals
50 Great Cavas 2012 – a Wine Pleasures Visit to Vallformosa
50 Great Cavas 2012 – a Wine Pleasures visit to Finca Valldoserra
50 Great Cavas 2012 – a Wine Pleasures visit to Albet i Noya
30 Great “Chapas” from 50 of the Great Cavas 2012
Trek the Via de la Plata & Via Augusta & Discover the 50 Great Cavas 2012
Bathing our taste buds in effervescent pixie nectar at Finca Valldosera
All aboard wine lovers! Capita Vidal sets sail into 50 Great Cavas
Enchanting & Romantic Rovellats Ideal to taste some of the 50 Great Cavas of Spain
Canals i Munné Sparkles in e-book 50 Great Cavas
Sparkling Success for Ferret Guasch in 50 Great Cava E-book
Swifts & Swallows inspire Mas Can Colomé
Gramona is excellence in a bottle
Family Heritage at Torrens Moliner ensures Great Cavas
Mas Bertran produces “The Pinnacle of Cava”
Hand or machine disgorging? Rimarts has the answer!
Great Cava from El Celler Vell
Agustí Torello: Tradition, Quality & Family

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