Xató – What’s That & Can you Eat it?

January 24, 2010
By winepleasures

Well the answer of course is yes you can! The Xató Route is organized as Culinary Tourism by the Comarcas of Alt Penedès, Baix Penedès and El Garraf.  Ignasi Segui Mata, of the Catalán Consulting Firm Parenthesis will be giving a talk titled:

Xató – What’s That & Can you Eat it?

Monday 1st February 2010 at 16.15

at the  Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference. He writes:

Xató also has a Route!

“To follow the route is to come to know the area of Xató. To make a few of our proposed thematic outings allows one to discover everything the area has to offer; wine-tourism; architecture; music; the seaside; the culture and gastronomy via one of our most renowned dishes. El Xató, which you can savour in any one of the 85 restaurants affiliated with the Xató route. Xató is a traditional Catalan dish first referred to in a document of the 19th Century. In our region it is associated with the ceremony of tapping the wine barrels (aixetonament) – the fitting of a tap to allow the flow of wine. It is made with leaves of escarola – a sharp-tasting lettuce, de-salted fish (cod, tuna, anchovies or boquerones (White anchovies)), olives and a delicious sauce consisting of almonds, toasted hazelnuts, garlic, nyora peppers, bread, vinegar, olive oil and salt. Every town has developed its own version of this dish, so one can find slight differences in the recipes and ingredients used. El Xató is a healthy Mediterranean dish that can be tasted from November to April coinciding with the escarola season of wine tourism”.

Register now for the Wine Tourism Conference. Time is running out and so is the Xató!


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