World Cup Wine Correlation Theory

July 01, 2010
By winepleasures

World Cup Wine Correlation Theory – what’s that? Wine Pleasures has developed a theory which will virtually guarantee that you can pick a winner at the World Cup. So if you fancy a punt at the bookies heed the theory! Successful teams at World Cups almost always produce wine. How well a team does is directly related to how good the wines are coming out of that country. So let’s look at the the 2010 quarter final line:

Holland against Brasil – clear victory for Brasil as Holland is not a wine producer
Uruguay against Ghana – whipping for Ghana for the same reason
Argentina against Germany – tough one but if we look at general market concensus it looks like Argentina is ahead on wines so a narrow win for them and Germany losing out by a goal or two
Paraguay against Spain – Spain an important wine producer so easy victory against Paraguay

Apply the World Cup Wine Correlation Theory to the semi final line up ie Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Spain and you’ve got the final two teams!

Enjoy the games and the wines from their respective countries! 🙂

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    How would you explain the atrocious performance of France, Italy and Australia?

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      That’s an easy one to explain. Obvioulsy, a bad vintage for those countries hence elimination.

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    Great and fun idea in theory, but realistically the FIFA World Cup is for footballers not for winemakers!

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    Have you ever thought about including videos for your weblog articles to have the visitors even more entertained? What i’m saying is I just went through the whole write-up and it was really fantastic but because I am a lot more of a visual learner, I found that way to be way more helpful. well, let me know what you feel.

    • Avatar

      Hi Rubi! Yes we do a lot of video blogs but for this particular post we didn’t manage to make a film as we came up with during the World Cup. But a video interview of people giving opinions on the theory would have been fun



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