Wine tourism in the Anoia region of Catalonia, Spain.

March 30, 2009
By winepleasures

Anoia? You might ask yourself “Is that yet another new DO in Spain?” Well, it could well be one in the future particularly if wheat farmers sell thier land to wine producers. The Anoia province (comarca) is actually part of the High Penedès wine region but not part of the Penedès province if that makes any sense?

The Consell Comarcal de L’Anoia (basically the Anoia tourist board) has created their own wine routes to include 16 wineries. If you had asked me two days ago how many wineries there are in the Anoia I would have said 4: Can Feixas, Can Bonastre, Bohigas and Celler Puig Romero of La LLacuna. Seems that the Anoia boundary includes many more!

Boundaries apart this is obviously good news for wine tourists as they have even more wineries to choose to visit. I was impressed to see owners of wineries actually turning up for the official presentation of the new wine route – Can Bonastre, Torres, Can Feixas, Pages Entrena, Cavas Bohigas and others I probably didn’t recognize.

Other attendees included hotels such as Tall de Conill, rural hotels and restaurants from Anoia.

Jordi Mercader, Vice President of the Consell Comarcal de L’Anoia gave a presentation of the project and was quickly followed by a chance to taste some of the wines of the producers in the wine trail. Jordi will be presenting his conclusions at the next Wine Pleasures Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop in January/February 2010 (dates pending).

Cut to the chase here’s a rare moment on film – an interview with 3 wineries stongly committed to developing wine tourism in the Anoia region.



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