Water to wine? Hardly! Water and Wine matching? Absolutely!

January 14, 2010
By winepleasures
Gemma Barceló at Wine Pleasures

Dr Gemma Barceló, Aguas Font Vella y Lanjaron (Danone)

Bet you never thought you could match water with wine? Think it’s a bunch of halabaju as they say in Colorado? A young white wine, a full-bodied red, a sparkling wine……… match better or worse depending on the mineral content of the water. Yessiree Bob. Mineral content in a water can be paired as perfectly with a fine wine just as a gourmet meal could. Dr. Gemma Barceló Coordinación Cientifico-Reglamentación for Aguas Font Vella y Lanjaron S.A will be leading a practical sessio:

Water to wine? Hardly! Water and Wine matching? Absolutely!

Monday 1st Febary 2010 at 12.30

Gemma tells us “At school they led us to believe that water was colourless, tasteless and that it didn’t smell of anything. Bottled water of course doesn’t have any smell  and it is colourless but as for taste there is plenty of variety. The different tastes we can get from different bottled water products depend on the amount of minerals it has thus we get a range of water ranging from sweet to mineral. When we dine out we are bound to have on our table wine, food and water. In this practical session we will be matching wine with water. Don’t believe it’s possible then come along and taste for yourself”.

Time, like water is running out to register for the Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference 1-3 Feb 2010.

Font Vella at Wine pleasures

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    In Colorado they also say “That thurrs a whole loada bull!”


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