VINTESA Consorzio includes La Luna del Rospo – Loacker – Punset – Fasoli Gino – Antica Entoria. Wine Pleasures International Organic Workshop

February 15, 2009
By winepleasures


Next month sees the 3rd edition of the Wine Pleasures International Organic Workshop to be held in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. Several Italaian organic and biodynamic wine producers have got together and formed  Consortium called Vintesa. Vintesa will be participating and representing the interests of their members. In the next few days we will be featuring each winery which forms part of Vintesa.

To date there are more wineries from Italy enrolled than there are from Spain which means there is clearly more interest (or even could it be more commercial sense?) from Italian wineries to export their wines. Given this situation Wine Pleasures is looking to programme the 4th edition of the workshop event ie in 2010 in Italy – place and date to be decided. Any suggestions for a place and venue?

Here is how Vintesa present themselves:

vintesa-senza-consorzio1Vintesa is the result of a friendship of a few winemakers who have joined together with the aim to overcome the most common inconveniences faced by their professional clients.

Restaurants, wine bars, wine shops have been complaining for years about the difficulty of finding proper warehouse facilities (especially in the ancient city centres where high rents considerably increase the management costs); difficulties in managing a lot of paper documents from different suppliers (orders, transport bills, invoices, payments etc.); and last but not least the need to taste different wines without overloading  the warehouse or simply to enrich the wine chart with new sorts of wines, without running the risk to store up in the years great quantities of old bottles.

Vintesa Union offers its customers a rich wine selection from several Italian wineries located all over the national territory (from Piedmont to Tyrol, Veneto, Tuscany and Apulia). The wineries joining Vintesa Union are all small to medium size wine estates and the product range they can offer to their customers can easily be considered as an abstract of the best Italian wine production, furthermore they also have a wide range of organic and biodynamic products.

Customers have the possibility to re-assort without being forced to place a minimum order. With one single order (which also means one single shipment and one invoice and one payment only) they can receive several different wines at a time. The problem of keeping a great stock of products has found an easy solution thanks to Vintesa logistic organisation, Vintesa warehouses grant delivery within 24/48 hours, also of small orders. This solution also grants a constant price control and a considerable reduction of  costs. These services along with the high reputation of each one of the wineries joining the Union represent an added value for all our commercial partners.

The portfolio of the companies joining the union has only been changed once, which means that today the group is very compact and that all the wine makers united in this project are very close to each other and share the same philosophy and the same commercial values. A group of people working together but also studying together the best solutions for their customers to offer them profitable commercial services and an appealing and rich product portfolio.

If you would like to contact Vintesa please do so through their website.


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