Vins Mussons From Priorat’s Stairway to Heaven

November 04, 2010
By winepleasures

Not just stones but Priorat "llicorella"

Last in our series of interview article with producers and wine importers participating in the upcoming Workshop Buyer meets Catalonian Cellar conducted during the 2010 harvest season. This time we took time out to talk to Jaume Mussons owner ( as the name suggests!) of Mussons Vins located in the heart of the Priorat wine region and close to the Stairway to Heaven.

How is the harvest going so far in the Priorat? Does 2010 look set to be a good vintage?

In our vineyard we have finished the harvest on November 3th. It was a year of moderate / high volume, with good ripeness and very good health status.For the 2010 harvest, the qualities of the varieties that we have in our land (Garnatxa, Cabernet S. ,Merlot & Garnatxa Blanca) has been very good, once the fermentation will be finished we’ll can assess if it is a very good harvest … or only good.

What types of wine do you make and how would you describe them? What makes them special?

Red wine is a product powerful and vigorous with a complex aroma. It’s a typical PRIORAT but in comparison of other similar Priorat wines is much more smooth and round the entrance and with velvety tannins. White Wine. It is fresh and fruity but with a touch of wood that makes it more complex and fleeing the heavy range of white wines from Priorat. Sparkling. It’s pleasant, smooth and fun wine.  Young product with citric aroma. It’s an ideal for combining with a dessert or all light meal.

Editor note: Sparkling wine from the Priorat – can’t wait to try that in the workshop!

What can you tell us about your customers who drink your wine? What other countries are you interested in exporting to and why?

For now we only have the feedback from our customers of MUSSONS Red 2007, the target is people over 30 years old mid class, in general, the rating is positive, all consider it a high quality wine with a modern and elegant presentation. They believe it has a very good price considering the type of product concerned.

How would you compare the workshop methodology to a large-scale wine trade fair? How do you compare the two and what are the strengths and weaknesses of both?

For a small company like ours, the workshop methodology is better because it allows us to explain our product in person, which is quite difficult if you do not have recourses enough. For Workshop: Strengths: Possibility to explain better the product and possibility to start public relation immediatly with the potencial customer and start promotions much more focused on the public target.Weaknesses: Limited impact and diffusion closed to the Workshop assistants. For wine fair trade on a large scale: Strengths: Possibility of reaching a wider audience and sounding different target Weaknesses: Loss of personal contact and little ability to explain your product

What effect does wine tourism have on your brand and marketing?

For all the Priorat region, tourism has a key importance because of its proximity to tourist areas along the coast. That make many people interested in the wine world can easily access the heart of the Priorat and therefore understand and appreciate the characteristics of this wine.

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