Tenuta Grimani (Veneto) to join the Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Italian Cellar

May 12, 2009
By winepleasures


The 2009 Wine Pleasures Workshop: Buyer meets Italian Cellar will take place in Treviso, Italy, from May 18 – 20, 2009. Bringing together small to medium sized boutique wineries of all regions of Italy including: Veneto, Sicilia, Campania, Lombardia, Abruzzo, and Toscana and wine importers, wholesalers, retailers and HORECA from around the world, this year’s workshop will be the first of its kind in Italy.

Today we feature another winery from the Veneto region: Tenuta Grimani who bring to the workshop wines made with the Garganega and Pinot Grigio grape varieties. Tenuta Grimani present their winery:

Tenuta Grimani“The story of our firm started in 1934 when the mother’s grandfather Pietro Dal Care bought some vines soils that once belonged to the noble family Grimani who were know because they had governed the Venice Republic as doges during the XVII century and from this family our firm owes its name. Strong with a vines surface of 13 hectares, “Tenuta Grimani” is now at the third generation of passionate vine-dressers with the son and daughter Andrea and Laura. The first follows the viticultural-oenological aspect while the second follows the commercial aspect.

The vineyards are situated in the fertile valley of Roncà at the foot of the Mount Calvarina, a famous prehistoric volcano.

The zone seems like a bay, in winter, when a light fog covers the lower part of the territory; in fact, it was like that when millions years ago, the sea covered a great part of the surrounding land. The fossil shells body and the specimen gathered in the local museum are evidence of the old origin of this fertile hills. On this land, upset and burnt by the ancient volcano, rich in lagoon deposits, the vineyard has cultivated since distant times.

The growing form classic Veronese espalier and the biggest production Garganega Tenuta Grimaniis of the grapes garganega, above all in the area called “Farinaldi”. It is an area marked by soft slopes, dotted by the white cherry flowers in spring and dominated by the remaining ancient middle Ages woods where, in the evening, furtive families of foxes slip away from their holes as if they wanted to check the precise achievement of the rural works done during the day by the hard-working vine-growers. And it is from grapes harvested in this area that we get a Soave by the unique and special character, the Farinaldo.

Downstream, exactly at the hill there is the ancient cellar which has been changed since a long time in a new structure with modern technologies.

New vineyards have increased the range of the traditional products as the pinot grigio, the cabernetand the merlot. First, the grandfather’s oenological and commercial success, then the father’s success encourage and make the still young heirs so proud that they can offer the consumer products of high quality rich in history”.

If you would like to meet Laura and enjoy her wines (Soave DOC, Passito IGT & Pinot Grigio IGT) then please complete an enrollment form to participate in this unique event in Italy.


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