South African Wine Regions

June 21, 2011
By winepleasures

Today’s wine lover is often split between two worlds. The traditional Old World consisting of the renouned France, Germany and Italy where top quality wines are still gems brought into modern society. On the other hand we have the nefarious New World, consisting of Australia and California. These two countries are responsible for fierce competition with the French for the top places.

Between these two titans in the world of wine stands the arrow tip from the African continent, the lengthy and wild South Africa. The country of South Africa counts up more than 100.000 hectars of vineyard. Couple this with their people’s enthusiasm in putting a “good show” South Africa is seeing a significant boost in wine tourism. But this sophistication is impossible to reach without having quality wine and quality wine regions. Let’s see what some of the best of South Africa’s wine regions have to offer.


The hub of Cape wine is host to some very famous estate names. Such names include Groot and Klein Constantia. It has been regarded as one of the best wines in the world from as far back as 1700. It sits on ideal terroir for wine making, and the climatic conditions favor such endeavors. So you can expect the exceptional Sauvignon Blanc that is produced here.

Durbanville Hills

Another one of the historic regions. It has a history of over 250 years in wine making. Again the focus is on Sauvignon Blancs, and it is a correct choice as superb quality wines are common. But you can also find carefully produced Shiraz and some fine Merlots.

Klein Karoo

Whenever you hear this name try and think Calitzdorp. I suggest this because this desert-like region is home to some feisty wine making. The results are spectacular fortified wines. Muscat’s and Port styles grow very well in regions such as this.


Yet another historic reference. Wine has been produced here for centuries. It is home to amazing Shiraz wines, however you can also enjoy fine examples of Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and even very unusual varieties such as Viognier.


Kind of a german name but anyway, probably the best wine making region in South Africa. The queen of red wines as far as this country goes. The home of many of the famous South African wines such as Warwick and Rustenberg just to name a few. The biggest players as far as grape types go are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinotage.

While it can be said that South Africa has a good history it should be put into perspective by comparing it with France and other countries that have been making wine for more than 2 millennia. However South Africa is home to many grape varieties while there are some regions that make room for modern wine such as Chenin Blanc. Keep in mind this magnificent corner of the world and it’s high quality products.

Lets Talk Wine, guest blogger for Wine Pleasures  


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