Some of Southern Italy’s Hidden Gems at Wine Pleasures B2B Puglia 2023

February 19, 2023
By winepleasures

From 21 to 23 February 2023 , the Wine Pleasures B2B Workshop will be held in Puglia at the Hotel Cala Ponte in Polignano a Mare (BA) which takes advantage of the patronage of the Agro-food Resources Department of the Puglia Region. The event will be attended by agricultural producers (wine and EVO oil) and international buyers with active sales channels in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

Since some years, Puglia has become very attractive, therefore the buyers with whom Wine Pleasures works have expressly requested to be able to deepen their knowledge of Apulian productions with the aim of initiating interesting commercial contacts in these territories.

An excellent advantage for both the Puglia Region and Puglia entrepreneurs that will offer an incredible return on investment. 25 wineries, 3 producers of EVO oil and 1 producer of mineral water have joined the initiative.

The organization also provides an online B2B agenda on which participants can schedule meetings before the event. Three days of all-round networking, in which producers get together to share all the moments of the day with buyers with already scheduled appointments in order to make the workshop fluid.

25 buyers from the following countries will attend the event:

Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Austria, Taiwan, USA, Denmark, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Great Britain, Belgium, India.

A careful look of Wine Pleasures is aimed at the main product of the region, the EVO Oil. During the event and precisely on 22 February, from 11.00 to 20.00 the producers of EVO oil participating in the initiative will have a space for tasting and promoting EVO oil for the entire working day.

At the end of the B2B, from 23 to 25 February, an educational tour will follow for eight international guests who will be able to visit the cellars and places of production and enjoy of the beauties of the territories, of the authentic Apulian farms, of the vineyards, of the secular olive trees, as well as enjoying the good traditional food and the excellent welcome of our region.

Since 2004, Wine Pleasures has successfully organized events in Europe aimed at the food and wine tourism sector and guarantees professionalism and experience in the selection of participants. Wine Events Worldwide and Wine Pleasures also design, develop and manage real tasting trips for wine tourists in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The staff of Wine Events Worldwide takes care of the annual e-books – 50 Great Cavas (the 50 great Cavas), 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World (the 50 great sparkling wines of the world), 50 Great White Wines of the World great white wines of the world), 50 Great Red Wines of the World (the 50 great red wines of the world).

As part of the two events mentioned above, it organizes educational tours (FAM trips) for wine and EVO oil importers in collaboration with the host regions or countries. These tours consist of gathering importers/tour operators and agents who participate in programs to visit the companies of entrepreneurs interested in exporting their products. The orientation is the search for small “boutique” companies to offer a new opportunity to niche producers who intend to expand into the international market.

Next up is the International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) to be held in Tarragona 23 & 24 March.

The Wine Pleasures Press Office, Italy


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