Organic wines from Italy set to dominate the Wine Pleasures International Organic Workshop

February 22, 2009
By winepleasures


Buyers travelling to Spain with the aim of adding organic and biodyanmic wines to their exisiting portfolios might think they will be seeing majority Spanish wineries at the workshop event. Well they couldn’t be more wrong as it seems that Itlalians really do do it better!

With already 8 Italian wineries making the journey to Spain to meet international buyers and a few travelling down from France the organisers are actually thinking of shifting the event to Italy for 2010 due to seemingly lack of interest on the part of Spanish wineries to export their wines.  Is it the case that Spanish wineries have not got any organic wine to export? Has all been sold already?

empty_wine_glassesSadly, it seems there will not be much Spanish wine to pour into the buyer’s empty glasses during the thrid edition of the Wine Pleasures International Organic Workshop (17 – 19 March).


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