December 30, 2008
By winepleasures


pedroSpeaker Pedro Calabuig – Pequeñas Bodegas de Levante

La Comunidad Valenciana is one of the most visited regions in Spain due to the nice temperatures during the year. When we talk about wines from Comunidad Valenciana, however, we mean regions with a long-standing tradition in producing wines, mostly with Monastrell red grape and Moscatel as the most popular white variety in these regions.

 The wine tourism in Comunidad Valenciana has not been developed seriously in the last years, but now days there are many wineries that have adapted their wineries in order to receive visits.  They have now notice that with the wine tourism they are able to sell a lot of bottles within the winery as well as promote their know-how and way of living. 

The Comunidad Valenciana has three Denominaciones de Origen.  These three regions are Valencia, Alicante and Utiel-Requena.  

Due to the weather and the increase of the demand of organic wines, there are many wineries who have reconverted their vineyards into the organic viticulture standards.  These wineries are small family owned wineries with low production and quality wines that are convince about natural agriculture and the respect for the nature.

The organic viticulture is the natural way of doing wine and a visit to the Comunidad Valenciana will give you the possibility to get to know more about it and who are the best representatives in every wine region.

To get in touch with Pedro please do so via his web site or through the Wine Pleasures Social Network.

Wine Pleasures has released the long awaited Conference and “After Conference” programme today.


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