Live Blogging Plenary session by João Falcão (VINITUR)

February 03, 2010
By winepleasures

Grape Escape Destinations in Portugal

Portugal is a largely undiscovered treasure-trove for wine & food lovers: 35 winemaking regions and 11 wine routes, from North to South, the oldest demarcated and controlled winemaking region in the world, and the Douro Winemaking Region, home of Port Wine since 1756. It encompasses an admirable wealth of different wines, primarily produced from native vines which endow them with unique and distinct characteristics.

‘Grape Escape Destinations in Portugal’ is dedicated to present mainland Portugal, a largely undiscovered paradise of wines, fine cuisine and traditional fare. The most western country of Europe´s wine history dates back to before the Roman Conquest. Portugal offers an admirable wealth of different wines, including several that have recently been scored with a maximum of 100 points! Based in images, the Conference will be dedicated to the explanation of the distinct features that the main Portuguese wine regions have to offer to wine tourism. Each region will be described by its wine styles, landscapes, winery architecture, culture, food traditions and more. In addition, conference will include a selection of unique events and programs related to wine and food, one can only find in Portugal.


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