Kristall Kellerei, Omaruru (Namibia) enrols for the Wine Pleasures Wine Tourism Workshop

November 11, 2008
By winepleasures

Kristall Kellerei is a small wine making business in Namibia. The important varieties are Colombard and Ruby Cabernet. They claim to make a good Nappa (grappa), brandy, and Prickly-Pear Schnaps.keller

Visitors to Namibia are surprised to find vineyards in our arid country. There are three vineyards in Namibia witha total acreage not exceeding 13ha! As all vineyards are situated in totally different parts of the country, wine lovers need to travel across Namibia to visit the different wine farms. Visitors can either stay on the estate or on lodges in the vicinity of the wine estate. Namibian wines are not exported yet and besides a Colombard and a Ruby Cabernet, Namibian wine makers produce Shiraz and Shiraz/Merlot blend.

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