How to Cut Iberian Jam (Jamón Jabugo) & Matching with Iberian Wines

January 17, 2010
By winepleasures
Santiago Rams at Wine Pleasures 2

Santiago Rams will be showing us how to cut & plate ham

The cutting of Iberian ham (Jamón Ibérico) is something of a ritual and it must be done “como dios manda“. Renowned and recognised jamón cutter, Santiago Rams Mendieta with more than 25 years experience will be showing us how to cut Iberian Ham (Top quality Jamón de Jabugo at that!) in the After Conference Programme at the Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Confrence from 1-3 February 2010. Time and date to note down is Monday 1st February at 19.00.

Conference delegates will be shown how to:

  • choose the best knife
  • position the ham on a “jamonero”
  • make the first cut
  • remove the outer fat
  • cut small and fine pieces of ham
  • blend the most succulent part in the middle with the more cured and tasty outside layer
  • plate up the ham

    Santiago Rams at Wine Pleasures 1

    Is your mouth watering yet?

During the  activity, Delegates will have the opportunity to try cutting a few pieces for themselves and at the end there will a Iberian ham and wine matching session.This activity is ideal to include in a wine tasting tour holiday. It can be arranged almost anywhere as it only requires a a table, plates and wines to match.

Which wine would you match with Iberian Ham? Come along and see if you are right.

To attend this activity and the whole Wine Tourism Conference please complete the Delegate Registration Form.


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