Registration for the 8th edition of the annual competition 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World is now open. Sparkling wine producers from around the world are welcome to participate.

What do we mean by Sparkling?

Sparkling wines produced using the following wine making techniques are *eligible to participate in the competition:

  • Méthode champenoise/Traditional Method
  • Charmat Method
  • Ancestral Method
  • Frizzante

*Wines are judged according to the method of production.

The Results

Once the 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World are selected, the results will be published featuring tasting notes for all the gold and silver medal winners. Producers are free to quote tasting notes for any of their sparkling wine/s amongst the 50 Greats. The publication will be titled 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World 2020.


Once the 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World are revealed (1st November 2019) a comprehensive marketing campaign will be launched over the following 3 months as follows::

  • Direct mailing to over 55,000 wine importers from around the world
  • Press releases to key wine and food media targeting both professionals and end consumers
  • Weekly articles (blog posts) on each of the producers with sparkling wines amongst the 50 Greats written with the end consumer in mind. Focus also on wine tourism.
  • Social Media campaign consisting of posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook where we have a combined following across all our accounts of more than 155,000 followers/readers.


All stages of the judging are carried out blind. Sparkling wines are judged according to production method, ageing and dosage. All Gold medal wines are re-tasted in one single flight to ascertain the competition winner for each method of production.


All sparkling wines entered are tasted and rated by a panel of international sparkling wine judges who work together over 4 days to determine the 50 Great Sparkling Wines for 2020.

How to participate in the competition

Simply complete a registration form for each sparkling wine you wish to submit for the tasting.The registration fee for each reference is 96 Euros* 4 x bottles (including magnums and jeroboams) will be required for each ref entered. Any number of wines can be entered in the competition. Volume discounts are available to those producers entering 3 or more sparkling wines as follows:

  • 3 or more sparkling wines 5% discount.
  • 5 or more sparkling wines 10% discount.

The producer is responsible for covering all duty, carriage, clearance and shipping costs.

  • The deadline to receive registration forms is *30 June 2019. However, if you are able to register and ensure the samples reach us by the 15 July deadline we will be able to enter your sparkling/s in the competition.
  • The deadline to receive samples is  *15 July 2019

* Southern hemisphere producers can request an extension on the above dates if needed.


Italy50  Grandi Vini Spumanti del Mondo – Italiano

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