Discover the 50 Top Rosés for Summer from Around the World: Expertly Judged and Awarded for Quality and Flavour

May 11, 2023
By winepleasures

Rosé wines have become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. They are versatile, refreshing, and perfect for summertime sipping. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Fortunately, the 50 Top Rosés for Summer from Around the World have been selected by expert judges to make the decision easier.

The competition was judged by a panel of experts who tasted through several flights of rosés to bring to the attention of the trade the best 50. France, Spain, and Italy dominated the Gold and Silver medal awards, but Austria, Croatia, Portugal, and the USA also picked up awards. The top 50 wines were all from the 2022 vintage and <5 g/l no oak category. They showed a range of fruit and floral characters, including cassis, peach, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, melon, pomegranate, apricot, and more.

The palates of the top 50 rosés were on the whole vibrant and crisp with pleasant lines of acidity throughout and elegant textures. The wine color ranged from water-white to almost red wine color, with the majority showing light pink colors typically associated with those of Provence origin. Interestingly, there was no correlation between wine color and quality.

A small percentage of the wines had spent time in oak, and few made the top 50. The ones that did showed sufficient balance and structure to combine the fruit and the oak and were all awarded silver medals. Of great disappointment were the rosés in the 5-18 g/l no oak category, with all wines entered scoring less than 90 points.

While the price of the wine was not a factor taken into consideration during the blind tasting, it is interesting to note that retail prices ranged from €5,95 to €30, with most retailing at €12- €15. This shows that there are affordable options available that still offer great quality and taste.

The competition was titled 50 Great Rosé Wines of the World, and the entries received were, in the most part, of high quality. Producers are more likely to enter if they believe they are confident of winning a medal. After a challenging and debated tasting, the judges awarded 11 Gold and 39 Silver Medals to be included in the 50 top rosés of the world. The awards and scores can be viewed on the competition’s website.

In conclusion, the 50 Top Rosés for Summer from Around the World offer a great variety of options for anyone looking to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine during the summer months. With expert judges selecting the best of the best, consumers can be confident in their choices and try new wines with ease. From light pink colors to fruity and floral flavors, there is something for everyone in this selection. So, whether you’re relaxing on the beach or enjoying a barbecue with friends, make sure to have a bottle of rosé on hand to make your summer days even more enjoyable.

Awards and scores can be viewed here>>


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