Estima Consulting Looks to Introduce Wines of Italy to Thailand

July 11, 2012
By winepleasures

Estima Consulting at Wine PleasuresThe market in Thailand is unfamiliar with wines produced in regions of Italy and, therefore, the variety and offering is very minimal. Estima Consulting Co., Ltd., a wine importing business located in Thailand, is hoping to take advantage of this opportunity and introduce fine Italian wines to this part of the world. They are hoping to establish a greater understanding of the unique flavors that different varieties and regions of Italy offers in both red and white wines. The director and the chief financial officer of Estima Consulting are hoping to initially appeal to the Thailand government and then through this connection, ignite a stronger interest in the consumer base. With over twelve years of experience in the wine business, Estima Consulting sees the prospects in presenting the untapped market of Italian wines to customers in Thailand.

Sunee Jaroenchai, CFO of Estima Consulting, discusses the evolution of the company and its director and gives us a look into what she is hoping to gain from the upcoming Wine Pleasures Buyer Meets Italian Cellar Workshop.

What initially interested you in becoming involved with the wine business?

Estma Consulting at Wine PleasuresThe taste of wine was what initially sparked my interest in the wine business. Estima Consulting Co., Ltd. was started by Dr. Vachara Phanchet. Dr. Phanchet is  a highly  respected  Thai  businessman whose  family  business  interests  range  from  a  partnership  with  Mitsubishi  Motors  automobile manufacturing  to  computer  consulting, real  estate, and  French  luxury  fashion  retailing  as  well  as  media production.  His  Asian  management  skills, financial  clout  and  extensive  regional  network  are  a major support to Estima Consulting.

Dr. Vachara Phanchet became personally interested in wine after attending many social gatherings and not being able to drink strong liquor. He decided to try wine and after tasting it, he fell in love and became devoted to learning more about it and trying to figure out how to produce it. In 1999,  he  met  Mr. Franck  Herbaux, from France, who had spent  the  last six years  in  Singapore  and also had a love of wine. Dr. Vachara and Mr. Herbaux decided to join forces and create Estima Consulting in 2000.

Estima Consulting at Wine Pleasures WorkshopWhat do you feel are the benefits of the Wine Pleasures workshop methodology opposed to a large trade fair?

I think I will be able to gain valuable knowledge from the Wine Pleasures workshop. This workshop seems to have developed an effective system where I will be able to have direct meetings and be able to take the time to really learn from a variety of wine producers.

What is Estima Consulting hoping to gain from this workshop? How do Italian wines fit into your market?

Estima Consulting is hoping gain more and more knowledge about wine, and the specific varieties of wine special to Italy. We also hope to increase promotion of Italian wines in Thailand, starting with a small team that will appeal to the government and then the goal is for it to spread from there. In Thailand, most restaurant owners do not sell Italian wine because they can´t even pronounce the kind of grapes in the wines.

What kind of wine stars are you hoping to find at the workshop in terms of color, price, and region?

The price is of first importance, we are look for wines between 1 and 10 Euros and we are looking for red and white wines throughout all of Italy. 

What is your favorite type of wine to drink during the summer?

Red wine, full body, dry.

Looking to increase your market in Asia? Sign up for the Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Italian Cellar on November 5-7 and schedule a meeting with Sunee!


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