Durante (Veneto) organic wines to participate in the Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Italian Cellar

May 07, 2009
By winepleasures


The great news just keeps coming in for buyers attending the 1st ever Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Italian Cellar (18 – 20 May2009)

Added value is provided by 11 organic and biodyanamic  wineries represented at the workshop. One such winery is the Durante winery located at the foot of Montello in the Piave DOC Venetian region.

Michell Durante, the winery owner describes his winery

durante-spinee“The farm comprises 18 hectares of land situated in a green area called “ Le Spinèe ”, whose name is written in the label as farm logo. The land is cultivated with vine following the Organic Agriculture discipline.  There is also a covered area of 1500 sq.m., which is used as winery and equipment shelter.  Durante brothers have conserved the best of tradition and they carry out the experiences of the grandfather and the father:  the viticulture according to the tradition handed on from generation to generation.  It is not only a way of cultivation, which respects the environment, but also a way of life, an engagement assumed towards the man, the correct way to mean the progress.  The vine cultivation care is extremely pursued; the grapes selection is strict, the technology of transformation advanced in the respect of a handicraft tradition that does not have to be forgotten.  For this reason, the farm has been starting the organic agriculture since 1998 by giving up the use of fertilizers, plant protection products and herbicides.durante

For manuring, we only use substances which are compatible with the organic agriculture methods; organic manures of animal origin, molasses and seaweeds derivatives, so that they can give the adequate organic supply without any chemical contribution.  Even the grass cutting has its rules. Once cut it is left among the rows to help in creating an ideal habitat for useful insects, as bees, which are precious for pollination, and ladybirds, which eliminate many dangerous parasites.  This is a well-balanced ecosystem, where it is easy to find sparrow and blackbird nests among vines and on the trees, or notice the race of a hare, or some pheasants among the bushes.

durante-2In our farm, every phase of the vine production cycle is followed naturally all year round, by avoiding traumatic interventions for the vineyard ecosystem.  The prunings cycle begins in autumn, immediately after the leaves falling.  In February, we apply the first natural manuring by using organic manures of animal origin, but only if necessary.  The grass cutting among the rows is done every 40/45 days from May to August.  After that, treatments based on sulphur, lime and copper are done on leaves when necessary.  These substances are allowed by the rule CE no.2092/91 for the full organic cultivations.  In June, we consider the opportunity to do the green vintage to obtain the best qualitative result.  In July, in order to allow the best sun exposure, we practice the green pruning.  In September, the moment awaited for many months at last arrives:  the harvest. 

The processing begins as soon as the harvested grapes arrive in the winery.  Here, sensitiveness and man experience must express themselves at their best, in tune with the instruments that the most modern oenological technology offers.

Durante’s farm is certified by the Institute for the Environmental and Ethic Certification (ICEA) which recognizes the principles of natural cultivation in the full respect of environment and man health.  This certification is the acknowledgement to our job and to the engagement that distinguishes us and that will not come never less.

To contact the Durante winery please do so through their website. If you would like to meet Michele and try reds, whites and Prosecco in Treviso please complete an enrollment form.

See you in Italy!

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    now…i know where to find a good one.
    what a good story ….then. good job guys…


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