Clever Wineries from the Comunidad de Valencia see clear export opportunities at the Wine Pleasures Workshops

March 02, 2009
By winepleasures


The Comunidad de Valencia has 3 Denominaciones de Origen: Alicante, Utiel – Requena and Valencia – all of which will be well represented at the Wine Pleasures Workshop: Buyer meets Spanish Cellar. Particpating wineries will be offering interesting blends using grape varieties such as Bobal, Monastrell, Cabernat Franc, Petit Verdot and Garnacha Tintorera for reds and Verdil, Gewurztraminer, Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc for whites.

casa-sicilia1Today we feature the Casa Sicilia winery (DO Alicante) who return for a second appearance at the Wine Pleasures Workshop.

Casa Sicilia was founded in 1707, during the period of the third Marquis de la Romana, as a farmhouse dedicated to the production of high quality fruit, wine and oil.

HERETAT DE CESILIA is located in Novelda, Alicante,

240 metres above sea level. It has been a very important agricultural production centre in the area of the Medio Vinalopó for centuries. It owns land throughout the Medio Vinalopó Valley and includes the areas of Mola, Ledua, Sicilia and Alcaydías.

The silty loam soil texture has a high limestone content rich in iron oxides which balance and reduce problems of clorosis.

80 hectares of its own vineyards.

23 of which are planted with different varieties of vines, principally Monastrell, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Macabeo, Moscatel, Sauvignon blanc y Chardonnay and some other varieties which are currently being tried out, such as Petit Verdot, Albariño and Gewürztraminer.

The northern area of the estate is composed of clay and gypsum, associated with a low organic material content which allows good aromatic expressions and ensures the good structure of red wines from this region. The southern area consists of lemon and alluvial gravels from the river.

These light, fresh soils are well suited to the cultivation of white grape varieties.

The mediterranean climate combines with the influence of the continental climate to

delay the maturing process and maintain a low humidity all year around.

The most advanced technologies are applied in the elaboration process to achieve the best hygienic,

homogenisation and quality conditions. With a conical trunk structure and controlled temperature, the 150 Hl. stainless stell fermentation tanks allow greater extraction of the aromas, tannin and colour, which guarantees the optimisation of the whole process. Our elaboration process is based on a maximum respect for the product.

The fermentation process involves manual stirring and the addition of a neutral gas. During the maturing period we keep the decanting to a minimum, adding the oxygen needed using a micro-oxygenation process Finally, the wine is left to age in barrels made of French oak (75%), American oak (10%) and East European oak (15%). These barrels have been toasted differently to give different flavours and are renewed a 25% annual rate The wines bottled at Heretat de Cesilia, are the result of our dedication to the wine growing vocation, its culture and radition and the uniqueness of this region.

Technological innovation has also played a part in the elaboration of high-quality wines in small amounts and with good longevity. The excellence of our wine is a reflection of our endeavour to care for our grapes and production, and is guaranteed by our collaborative agreements with several universities.

These agreements ensure maximum quality due to the inclusion of the best scientific and technological advances in our processes, perfecting the traditional wine growing and development methods.

If you would like to get in touch with Casa Sicilia, please do so through their web site. Alternatively, we still have a few places available for you to meet the wine maker face to face at the Wine Pleasures Workshop: Buyer meets Spanish Cellar 2009.


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