Celebrity Wine Review TV – Leveraging social media to engage online audiences and share our passion for wine.

January 11, 2010
By winepleasures
Kelli McCarty at Wine Pleasures

Kelli McCarty hosts Celebrity Wine Review TV

Celebrity Wine Review TV is an online wine review show based in Hollywood, California. The show was started by the founders of Arzoola Inc. who are serial entrepreneurs and social media experts, and happen to have a wild passion for wine. The show has a simple mission: create content that is entertaining while at the same time demystifies the world or wine, and present it to the audience in a way that makes them much more likely to make wine a part of their life. Our host, Kelli McCarty, a former miss USA and soap opera actress has the right blend of talent and passion for wine that creates a connection with our audience, entertains them, and educates them about wine all at once. Utilizing the founders’ experience in social media, our content is distributed across all leading platforms as well as a mobile TV channel that allows us to distribute mobile wine reviews, behind the scenes videos, and other unedited content.

Host Kelli McCarty together with social media expert Roie Eldery will be presenting Celebrity Wine Review in a plenary session on Monday 1st February 2010 at 17.30. The talk is titled:

“Celebrity Wine Review – Leveraging social media to engage online audiences and share our passion for wine”.

Roie Edery at Wine Pleasures

Roie Edery, Arzoola Inc

In their talk they will discuss the general landscape of wine in social media, as well as the challenges and opportunities in promoting wine using this medium. They will discuss the early successes and lessons learned for Celebrity Wine Review, and what their strategy and outlook is towards the future.

View the whole Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference & After Conference Programme at Conference Downloads

Here’s Season 1 Episode 4 from Celebrity Wine Review TV: Kelli tries to play the guitar and reviews a Via Vega Red:


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