Buyer meets Italian Cellar – an alternative to VINITALY for passionate producers and serious buyers

April 02, 2009
By winepleasures


vinitaly vs winepleasuresThere will be, as in previous years a lot of big, fancy stands at Vinitaly (just as there is in Alimentaria and Fenavin). Some are there because the wines are poor and they think that by putting on a big show, people will come to them. Others are big because their wines are brilliant, they have made a lot of money and they can afford to put on a big, professional looking display. Some small producers, feeling the wrath of the Vinitaly stand fees are there too  – If you are a serious buyer Good luck to you if you can find them! Look for Azienda Luigi Jones in Row D, Isle 5, Row 7, Stand 24, Section 8C, Booth 3, Table 13 – let us know what you think of their Prosecco Extra Dry if you find them!

wine-pleasures-raventos-rosellNow small to medium sized boutique wineries have a workshop event to look forward to in May – Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Italian Cellar where wineries can meet small to medium sized importers (orders of 2-4 pallets of wine per year) in  one to one pre-scheduled private meetings. Here’s what buyers had to say about the recent workshop event for Spanish wineries:

Highly personalised allowing you to make personal relationships with the winemakers – not just taste the wines

You spend a lot of time with the wineries – you dine with them, see them in the hotel, have a laugh with them and of course meet them and get the opportunity to taste their wines several times over two days

It’s a cost effective way of making purchase decisions – we don’t go to large trade fairs – waste of time!

At trade fairs there is not enough time to get to know the people, just taste the wines. At the workshop you get to know the people, which is important if we are to sell their wines.

If you are a small to medium sized boutique Italian winery then you might want to consider the Wine Pleasures Workshop.  Just complete the enrollment

If you are an exhausted and stressed out buyer attending or having attended Vinitaly or ProWein and didn’t find what you were looking for then RELAX! Feel free to come and join us in Treviso, close to Venice for the 1st edition of the Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Italian Cellar Just complete the  enrollment form

As from today we will be featuring participating wineries in the Buyer meets Italian workshop event so please visit our blog on a daily basis for news and updates. First winery to be featured  will be Poggio al Santino (Toscana).


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