Bodegas Roqueta (Abadal) DO Pla de Bages one of several wineries to have attended all 5 editions of the Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Spanish Cellar.

February 06, 2009
By winepleasures


Wine Pleasures Workshop: Buyer meets Spanish Celler (15 – 17 March) at the Hotel Port Sitges Resort, Sitges (Barcelona) Spain.

vinedo-roquetasAt Bodegas Roqueta, we combine the traditional flavours of native grape varieties with the latest trends in the sector, offering customers a wide choice of wines, ranging from mellow wines which have been aged in our bodegas for over 20 years to newer, more conceptual wines which reflect the latest advances in the international field of viticulture and oenology.

Our extensive, modern installations are equipped with cutting-edge technology, which allows us to offer a range of quality wines which trace a fascinating journey through the most interesting scenes and sensations of today’s world of wine.

This is how Bodegas Roqueta, connoisseur like none other of Catalonia’s wine lands, has successfully harnessed its richness to imbue each of its products with true character and style.

The origins of Masia Roqueta, owned by the Roqueta family, goes back to the 12th century. It is documented since 1199, and has kept the same name to our days by virtue of the Catalan Law of Succession of “l’hereu” (the heir). It was not until 1898 that Ramon Roqueta settled in Manresa to dedicate himself to making and selling wine, beginning this important family saga of viticulturists.

In the underground part of the Masia the old cellars are magnificently conserved. In each of them there are the different work tools (filters, scales, pumps, carts, etc.), which were still being used not so long ago.

We will continue to grow alongside our customers, identifying new sensations and varieties, and developing new concepts in ageing and wine-making – continuously strengthening our personal style and helping our customers to understand and truly enjoy the vast wine legacy that we have to offer.

Come and meet Bodegas Roquetas at the Wine Pleasures Workshop and try their wide range of wines or contact them through their web site.


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