Bodegas Los Pinos (Organic wine) at the Wine Pleasures International Organic Workshop

February 11, 2009
By winepleasures


Wine Pleasures International Organic Workshop (17 – 19 March) now in its 3rd year!

bodegas-los-pinos-wine-pleasuresBodegas Los Pinos. Well-known as the Tuscany of the Valencian Community, the town of Fontanars dels Alforins is located in the «Vall d’Albaida » between ”Serra Grossa”  and ”Agullent”. The landscape is sprinkled of dry cultivated land and large vineyard.

The Fontanars vineyards are located around « heredades », typical country estates that formerly counted on the sufficient infrastructure to work and to elaborate the fruits given by these earth. These « hereddes » are the main attractiveness of first order when travelling across.

Although our climate is Mediterranean, it shares certain continental characteristics, because of its closeness to the province of Alicante and La Mancha. The rains are poor, and concentrate especially in winter and spring. Average temperatures of 7ºC in winter and 24ºC in summer. This excellent geographic location and its formidable climate, helps to produce wines of great quality.

Los Pinos cellar vineyards is seated all over 60 hectares, on a ground of franc-sandy texture, with a noble varietal amplitude, and adjusted to the expected ecological aims.

To combine the production, health and varietal quality within the ecological agriculture context supposes a slow process ; the environment is respected and the agri-environmental impact is valued in each paracel, following the class of varietal, the density of plantation, the conduction way, the disposition of the rows, the contours, the illumination thresholds the rainwater evacuation and filtration, the later culture and maintenance of the ground and vineyards, All this contributes to the best fruition of each plant in optimum contiditions.

These premises lead to a reasonable exposition and sharp, grouping by varietal and ages, looking for the balance between youth and wine-making expresion. The type of conduction practice dis simple cord espalier, all this in dry land. Currently we own grapevines from a year productive ut to 20 years, combining locar varietal like Monastrel, another foreign with good locar acceptance like Tempranillo, Syrah, Grenache… in varietal inks. Between the white varietal, the objective is to combine freshness and aromas by means of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Mouscat petit grain.

With ecological agriculture, we have the purpose of obtaining good broths through culture techniques that suppose a low impact for the invironment and advantagae of the natural resources of the zone.

In 1990 the wine cellar wanted to take a step forward and was the first Valencian wine cellar and the second in Spain in incorporating ecological agriculture in the culture and elaboration of their wines with a free productive process of chemical products  and synthesis (weed killers, pesticides, etc), in their place, organic fertilizer are used to mantain the ground balance.

If you would like to discover organic wines from around the world then please feel free to join us at the Intenational Organic Workshop next month.


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