Contro Tempo

A little musty, slightly oxidised nose with some lemon fruit.

The Rosé

Caramel notes along with fresh raspberry and a creamy mouthfeel. Pleasantly dry with a spirited finish.

Adega de Palmela Brut

Floral notes, white blossom. Peach and apricot aroma and flavour with fresh acidity, finishing with a slight bitterness.

Brut Colmello

Quite dry for style, pleasant bitterness, with sweetness on finish.

Insolitam Rosé

Rose petals on the nose, with soft red fruits. Slightly sweet with some body and medium length finish – good with Asian/Chinese dishes.

Coto de Manoelas

Fresh and crisp with a citrus bitterness. Some yeast notes on the nose. Quite subtle. Pleasant with balanced mouthfeel.

Cuvée Rosé

Very pale, onion skin colour. Some strawberry fruit with a touch of lemon acidity. Mid-length finish.