Live Blogging Plenary session by John Callely (CEO Jameson Distillery Tours)

February 03, 2010
By winepleasures

How our Visitor Centre has grown our Whiskey Sales. Are you open for visits?

In 1984 Jameson opened its first visitor centre called “The Irish Whiskey Corner” in a former Jameson warehouse. Within a short number of years capacity reached saturation level at 46000 visitors per annum. An opportunity to develop a bigger site came our way in 1996 when we repurchased part of the original distillery (which we had sold in the late 70s). This centre opened its doors to the public in 1997 at a total cost of 6.5 million punts and today welcomes in excess of 250000 visitors per year.

In the meantime back in 1992 Jameson opened its second centre in the south of Ireland in Co Cork on a 10 acres site of an original distillery where one of our domestic brands, Paddy Irish Whiskey was distilled for 150 years. Nowadays it is one of the top attractions in the south greeting more than 100000 visitors. Between the two, we welcome over 350000 people and it is proven to be a very important marketing tool for the Jameson brand which is in fact the fastest growing whiskey in the world today.


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