Wine Importers Workshop in Italy 2015

Registration for wine importers is open and new buyers are added once they have passed the selection procedure.

Truong Phat Investment Trading, Vietnam
Infinity Imports, CA, NY, & NV, USA
Vimexco, Vietnam
The M Wine House International Trade Co, Shanghai, China
Chengdu Grape Taster Trade Co, Sichuan, China
Votto Vines Importing, CT, USA
Fleuriel. Mexico
Siema Wines, Virginia, USA
Van der Beek Whisky en Wijnen, Holland
Bird Rock Imports, Connecticut, USA
Intense Wine, Holland
Wine 4 You, Poland
ProCura, Norway
Marukai Corporation, Japan
Tamalpais Wine Agency, USA
A&K La Boutique du Vin, British Colombia, Canada
C&E Worldfinds, Canada
The Flying Corkscrew, UK
MCG, Northern Ireland
Signature Brands, Guatemala
Altos Vinos, Mexico
Barrel Head Wine Imports, Canada
Specialty Wines & More, NY, USA
Importadora Libation, Colombia
Daqopa Brands, Washington, USA
Vidalco, USA
GianCarlo’s Imports, Canada
Rico Group, Lebonanon
Vivinwine, Spain
Wine Twist, NY & FL, USA
Nokhrin Wines, Canada
V Trading, Japan
Sparrow’s Wine Legend, NY, USA

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