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Wine Pleasures B2B Workshop, Brighton UK Application 2020

Please choose a package and then complete the form as fully as possible. Please tick one option only.
    Registration fees only become due if we are able to offer you a place.
  • Note: Two persons from the same company may attend provided they share the same room. 2nd person same company is not eligible for flight subsidy. Extra costs for the 2nd person are as follows: Workshop: €225 Trade Mission: €495 Additional single room for trade mission: €585 Travel companions: €350 Workshop or €640 trade mission
  • If your company is registered in the EU please provide your EU VAT Nº for invoicing purposes. Non EU based companies please provide company reg nº
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
    Please upload your company logo. This will appear in the Workshop Hand book.
  • Please make sure you put http:// before the web site address otherwise the form will not send.
  • In case we need to contact you
  • If you don't need one for your country just put NOT NEEDED.
  • Please specify approx amount in Euros
  • Please specify number of palets
  • Please specify number of palets
  • This information is for internal use only
  • Please indicate winery name and country
  • Please provide information on aims and expectations of the event. Please do not be wishy washy such as saying "to add more wines to our portfolio"
    If you are NOT paying by credit card please wait for written confirmation of your place(s) which will be emailed to you. In the case of registering a second person please note that you will need to share the same room. For an additional single room please see terms and conditions
  • If you need a letter of invitation in order to help obtain a Visa then please provide your name as it appears on your passport, the company you work for together with the full postal address and your passport nº.
    1. GENERAL By completing and submitting the Buyer Application form, the Buyer understands that their registration must be confirmed, in writing by Wine Events Worldwide, before participation is allowed. Buyers are only guaranteed a place when the non refundable Registration fee of €125 (€395 if registering to attend the Reverse Trade Mission) is received. 2. LIABILITY AND INSURANCE Wine Pleasures or the hosting function hotel are not liable for any claim of theft, damage of property, or injury sustained while participation takes place. In the event of cancellation of the programme, or any part thereof, due to civil discord, terrorism, military action or natural events occurring without fault on the part of Wine Events Worldwide, there shall be no refund of fees paid nor refund of travel costs or expense already incurred in conjunction with your registration in the event. TRAVEL SUBSIDY. The Buyer is responsible for all travel arrangements and costs incurred but will be reimbursed flight costs upon presentation of an invoice once the event has finished but no later than 30 days after event completion after which date the buyer will no longer be eligible for payment of subsidy. The maximum amounts payable are as follows: Canada, USA, Central & South America: up to €400 Asia, Australia & NZ: up to €500 Europe: up to €185 UK outside Home counties: up to €95 Caucasian, India, Russia, Middle East: up to €250. Subsidy rates specified for travel outside Europe are payable for flights arriving/departing within 3 days prior to or upon completion of the event. Should the flight arrival/departure date exceed 3 days prior to or upon completion of the event, then the buyer is only eligible for the max subsidy amount payable for Europe. It is the Buyer's responsibility to secure and pay any fees in relation to a visa for the country where the Workshop is taking place. 3. PARTICIPATION The Buyer understands that their presence is required throughout the duration of the workshop. The Buyer shall not take part in non-Wine Events Worldwide functions which would preclude their attendance at all published and scheduled Wine Pleasures activities. The Buyer shall also not participate in winery visits or FAM trips sponsored and supported by companies and organisations not actively participating in the Wine Pleasures event. No family members, friends or business partners of the Buyer who are not officially registered shall be admitted to the Workshop unless previously agreed in writing prior to the workshop. The buyer agrees to have secured a minimum of 16 appointments prior to the event taking place. If a significant number of scheduled appointments are missed, the buyer will be fully and solely responsible for all flight and hotel accommodation charges. 4. HOTEL ACCOMMODATION Wine Events Worldwide reserves the right to accommodate buyers at the host hotels for a maximum of 2 nights (or 4 in the case of attending the winery visit programme) and will sponsor meals throughout the event as listed in the event programme. Wine Events Worldwide requires a current credit card to guarantee the accommodation booking. Any miscellaneous charges (extra night(s), room service, telephone calls, business centre services, etc.) incurred during the Buyer's stay will be at their own expense. A minimum charge of one night accommodation will be applied to any Buyer who does not arrive on the given day 1, without 24 hours prior notice of delay or change to Wine Pleasures from the Buyer. 5. CONCLUDING PROVISION Wine Events Worldwide shall have full power to interpret and amend the above mentioned terms & conditions which in its discretion shall be in the best interest of the Workshop. The Buyer understands that the information contained in the Workshop material constitutes part of the registration contract, and agrees to conform to all terms & conditions. Should a Buyer fail to comply to Wine Events Worldwide's terms & conditions in conjunction with participation in a Wine Pleasures Workshop, the buyer will be denied any further participation in any Wine Pleasures events. Any misconduct will also incur that the Buyer will be denied any further participation in any Wine Pleasures hosted events.

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