50 Great White Wines of the World Competition


Registration for the very first edition of an annual competition 50 Great White Wines of the World is now open. White wine producers from around the world are welcome to participate and compete to be amongst the top 50.

Why enter the competition?

  • In these challenging times when many wine trade fairs are being cancelled, a gold or silver medal is a reliable way for an importer to discover great new white wines for their markets
  • A gold or silver medal and being included in the top 50 is therefore a significant commercial advantage for the wine producer when it comes to export and consumer sales
  • With a medal on the bottle, wine importers and therefore their customers will take the decision to try it and buy it!
  • The competion is judged by wine importers so wine importers, distributors and the on and off trade can rely on the scores and commercial judgement.
  • Each wine entered receives a score and a meaningful written tasting note. Gold and silver medal winners receive a diploma (printed and in pdf format) which they can use for marketing on a global stage.

Organisation & Judging

Wine producers wishing to submit one or more of their white wines do so by completing a registration form. 4 samples of each ref should be sent and upon receipt these are grouped in flights according to wine style. All wines are tasted blind by a panel of top-level wine buyers/sommeliers from around the world with current direct commercial buying responsibility. After judges reach a consensus, wines are awarded Gold or Silver medals and of these the 50 top scorers are included in the 50 Greats for 2021. Each wine style category winner is awarded a Platinum medal. The results are published on the winepleasures.com web site and distributed not only to a database of some 65,000 wine importers, distributors, on and off trade around the world but also to media and end consumers through social media channels where Wine Pleasures has a combined following of 155,000 followers.

How to enter

Enter your winery and wine details in the Registration  Form by 31 July 2020
Send your wine samples (4 for each ref) to arrive not later than 15 August 2020.

Entry fee

€75 per label (+ VAT if applicable)

  • 3 or more white wines 5% discount.
  • 5 or more white wines 10% discount.

Promotion of your wine

Through a combination of direct marketing and social media, Wine Pleasures ensures the the worldwide wine trade becomes aware of both the competition and the competition results. We also provide Gold and Silver medal winners with a certificate (pdf and printed) so the producer can share their win to their own channels of communication. Branded bottle stickers are also available for purchase once results are released and should they be required.

Ready to enter your wine?

Submit your wine/s by clicking on the button:

Enter your wine here

Need more information?

Talk to our team to find out more about why 50 Great Whites Wines of the World competition is important for you and your winery. T. + 34 897 70 48 or E. info@winepleasures.com

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