50 Great Red Wines of the World Competition

Registration for the third edition of the unique red wine competition titled 50 Great Red Wines of the World is now open.

Red wine producers from around the world are welcome to participate and compete to be amongst the top 50. Register as many still red wines as you wish in “Register Your Wine” and then proceed to checkout.

Why enter the competition?

One of the greatest advantages of participating in this competition is the opportunity to win a gold or silver medal. Such recognition carries immense weight when it comes to export and sales of your wines. Allow us to highlight the advantages of receiving these accolades:

    1. Increased Visibility: Winning a gold or silver medal in the competition instantly raises the profile of your wine. It attracts the attention of wine enthusiasts, experts, distributors, and consumers worldwide. This increased visibility can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation and recognition, ultimately leading to greater market presence.
    2. Credibility and Prestige: The “50 Great Red Wines of the World” competition is renowned for its rigorous judging process and esteemed panel of wine experts. A gold or silver medal from this competition adds a seal of credibility and prestige to your wine. It demonstrates that your product has been objectively recognized for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
    3. Marketing and Promotion: Winning a medal provides you with valuable marketing material. You can leverage the achievement to promote your wine through various channels, including social media, websites, press releases, and marketing campaigns. The medal acts as a powerful selling point, capturing the attention of potential customers and distinguishing your wine from competitors.
    4. Increased Sales Potential: The international wine market is highly competitive, and consumers often rely on awards and accolades to guide their purchasing decisions. A gold or silver medal serves as a strong endorsement, instilling confidence in buyers and increasing the likelihood of sales. It opens doors to new markets and distributors who recognize the value of award-winning wines.
    5. Export Opportunities: Winning a medal in the “50 Great Red Wines of the World” competition significantly boosts your wine’s export potential. International importers and distributors actively seek out award-winning wines to add to their portfolios. Your success in the competition can lead to new export partnerships, expanding your reach and revenue streams.

Organisation & Judging

Wine producers wishing to submit one or more of their red wines do so by completing a registration form. 4 samples of each ref should be sent and upon receipt these are grouped in flights according to wine style. All wines are tasted blind by a panel of top-level wine buyers/sommeliers from around the world with current direct commercial buying responsibility. After judges reach a consensus, wines are awarded Gold or Silver medals and of these the 50 top scorers are included in the 50 Greats for 2023. The results are published on the winepleasures.com web site and distributed not only to a database of some 65,000 wine importers, distributors, on and off trade around the world but also to media and end consumers through social media channels where Wine Pleasures has a combined following of more than155,000 followers.

How to enter

Enter your winery and wine details in the Registration Form by 30 June 2024 Send your wine samples (4 for each ref) to arrive not later than 15 July 2024.

Entry fee

€75 per label (+ VAT if applicable)

  • 3 or more red wines 5% discount.
  • 5 or more red wines 10% discount.

Promotion of your wine

Through a combination of direct marketing and social media, Wine Pleasures ensures the worldwide wine trade becomes aware of both the competition and the competition results. We also provide Gold and Silver medal winners with a certificate (pdf and printed) so the producer can share their win to their own channels of communication. Branded bottle stickers are also available for purchase once results are released and should they be required.

Check out the 50 Great Red Wines of the World 2023 award winning wines and producers here>>

Please inform the main grape varieties in your wine in its percentage.

Contact information

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Need more information?

Talk to our team to find out more about why 50 Great Red Wines of the World competition is important for you and your winery. T. + 34 897 70 48 or E. info@winepleasures.com

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Wine Pleasures competitions are trusted internationally by the wine trade around the world. Many producers have secured international exports thanks to a Gold or Silver medals obtained and listed in our unrivalled competitions.

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