50 Great Cavas 2021

Welcome to the 11th annual edition of 50 Great Cavas by Wine Pleasures

The annual competition 50 Great Cavas is the only competition that provides a comprehensive snapshot of Spain’s top Cavas. The ultimate aim of this competition is on the one hand to reward the best Cavas produced in Spain with medals and on the other to demonstrate to both the trade end the consumer that it is time to rediscover Cava and making it something we should all be drinking now.

The Competiton

Cavas are grouped according to dosage and ageing on the lees and then tasted blind by a panel of 5 judges. Judges are aware of the dosage levels and time on lees. After each Cava tasted, the judges compare notes and reach a consensus on a score out of 100 points. Gold and Silver medals only are awarded for the top 50 Cavas. Bodegas can label medal-winning Cavas with stickers for bubble lovers to recognise in store.

The Results

Overall the judges found the tasting challenging, but in the end they came up with some real category winners. Each year’s competition throws up some surprising new winners. If you can get your hands on any or all of the 50 Great Cavas 2021, we’re sure you’ll be just as taken with them as our judges were. One of the most important trade and consumer benefits the 50 Great Cavas competition is the way it casts a spotlight on little known Cavas which wine buyers may not otherwise come across at trade events or in the local wine shop. Many of the medal winners don’t have the big marketing budgets of well known brands and many represent fabulous quality and value for money. So please use the table of results to seek out as many winning Cavas as you can.

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