Portuguese WINE Day

Portuguese WINE Day Online Trade Fair (10 June 2020)  – an exciting addition to our events calendar. We’re putting on a wide 1 day interactive trade fair to attend, focusing on delivering you wine importer contacts you need to grow in the wine export industry and to ensure you thrive now and in the future.


There are several ways to particpate:

Live interviews. (15 mins) A opportunity to talk about your philosphy, the history, the terroir, the wine making and a chance to present up two of your wines. 10 places available only

Commercial presentaion (30 mins) Aimed at Trading companies or associations which represent several wine producers. 2 places available only

Educational Seminar (30 mins) Topics (non commercial) which would be of direct interest to wine importers. 2 places available

Video spots (2 mins) An effective addition to those producers participating in the Live Interviews.

Why participate?

As a global community, we are going through a time of unprecedented change and disruption. For many of us in the wine industry, we’re having to adapt not only to a new routine of working from home but also having to deal with the uncertainty of the future. Portuguese WINE Day is looking to help wine importers connect with boutique wine producers when travel is virtually impossible. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discovered that virtual events aren’t a “nice-to-have” anymore, they’re a must-have.

What Portuguese WINE Day can do for your winery or region..

Business. Generate valuable sales leads through the Live Interview programme

Visability. Gain maximum exposure to top decision makers looking to add Portuguese wines to their portfolios

Networking. Network with the Wine Pleasures community – share information and knowledge with peers and build relationships with buyers

Inspiration. Gain insights and inspiration from our content programme

Trade Visitor Analysis

500+ wine buyers and trade profesionals from around the world register for this event.

Registration & Fees

Portuguese WINE Week (10 June 2020) Winery Registration

Please complete this form in ENGLISH
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  • Please upload your winery logo as this will appear in the programme
  • This person will appear as the contact person for all correspondence and buyer enquiries and will appear on your profile page.
  • Region 1Region 2Region 3 
    .E.g Alentejo
  • Please provide a brief description of your terroir. Include nº hectares with vines, soil, altitude and climate
  • If you have an exclusive distribution agreement in any of the countries you list please add in brackets (exclusive agreement) against each country.
  • In the case of large countries such as Canada, USA etc please specify states.
  • Wine nameAppellationGrapes & %VintageColorCategory 
    To add up to 2 refs please press the add button. For category please specify if still, sparkling or fortified.
    * Companies without an EU VAT Nº must add 21% VAT to the registration fee. Payment becomes due no later than 3 days after receipt of the invoice.
  • Please give a fisrt and second choice of dates for your presentation. If no choices are specified then the orgnaniser will allocate you a date and time and advise you of this.
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