Social Media for Wine Tourism Providers – What’s that?

Join us live at the 2nd Annual International Wine Tourism Conference.

Social Media for Wine Tourism Providers – What’s that?

Speaker: Anthony Swift (Wine Pleasures) – (11.30 – 12.25)

If your web presence is not optimized for today’s Internet savvy consumers, you are probably losing out on gaining new customers and ensuring loyalty to support your product. Social Media tools such as blogs, videos, and social networks like Twitter and Facebook will enhance your online presence, which in turn will attract and retain consumers and all that for next to nothing. If your website is not easy to find and not easy to navigate, millions of Internet users will look elsewhere for wine tourism.

By employing low cost, high return, Internet practices, you can become a focal point for your region, and by doing so, will generate an interest from wine tourists wanting to learn more about your region, winery, hotel, restaurant, museum……. While I do not pretend to be a social media expert as a user I can tell you about the Wine Pleasures experience, how we started and how we have done in just one year! I’ll show you how easy it is to start a blog and a range of social media sites and tools that you can use to generate more traffic to your web site. This talk along with other talks on social media in this conference programme will give you the basic know-how to become part of the Web 2.0.

Wine Pleasures Live Wine Tasting from the Celler Mas Foraster Winery

Mas Foraster to host the 2nd Wine Pleasures Live Tasting
Mas Foraster to host the 2nd Wine Pleasures Live Tasting is holding our second Live Wine Tasting Event on Friday September 4th at 12:00 GMT +1. The event will be hosted at Celler Mas Foraster winery in medieval Montblanc in the heart of the DO Conca de Barberà wine region of Catalunya. This is a great opportunity to get your wine questions answered by a Spanish winemaker, so join in the discussion below at the time of the event….

Wine Pleasures Live Wine Tasting at Bohigas held our first ever Live Wine Tasting Event on Friday August 28, 2009. The event was hosted hosted at Bohigas Winery (DO Catalunya – Spain) and was a huge success. Check out the archived event video and live chat discussion below.

1st Wine Pleasures Live Wine Tasting at Bohigas

Wine Pleasures live wine tasting

Finca Mas MaciàTo celebrate the launch of the new *Wine Pleasures Website 2.0, we have organised a live wine tasting direct from the Finca Mas Macià data 1290 of the Bohigas winery (DO Catalunya).

Jordi Casanovas BohigasJordi Casanovas, owner and wine maker will lead the wine tasting in the old family house, starting at 20.00 (GMT+1) on Friday 28 August 2009.

The following wines will be included in the live tasting: Blanc de Tres (Garnacha, Xarel.lo & Sauvignon Blanc), Chardonnay Limousin, Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah. Pairing suggestions will be made for each wine. We will also be chatting about the various wine tourism activities on offer such as winery visit & tasting, wine & food pairing, 4×4 to the top of Puig Aguilera crag, balloon trips, segways and the harvest parties.