Sarah Abbott MW Wines of Georgia Grand Tasting IWINETC 2014


Registration for wine importers is not yet open but in order to give you a flavour of what to expect here is the attendee list for the 2016 edition.

Icarus Imports, FL, USA
Van der Beek Whisky en Wijnen, Netherlands
Loki Wines, UK
Gandul Imports, Puerto Rico
Atlanta Improvement Company, Georgia, USA
Siema Wines, VA, USA
Selected Wine Partners, Norway
TWC Wine, Denmark
Amphora, Singapore
Wine Lovers Comercio de Vinhos, Brasil
Rexwine, Denmark
Continental Sales Emporium, India
Boutique Imports, Italy
World Wine Works dba VinRex, FL, USA
Natures Bounty Wines & Allied Products, India
Wines of Excellence, UK
Epoch Imports, Alberta, Canada
Vintjenesten, Denmark
Le Pinot Blanc, Belgium
Kylix Wines, Ontario, Canada
Wijnen Vanassche, Belgium
Tuscan Wine Imports, USA
Enoteca Bacco, British Columbia, Canada
Bauermeister Vins Fins, Switzerland
Bancroft Wines, UK
Overland Trade, Asia
Les Vins Dupré, Quebec, Canada
Artisanal Wine Imports, Ontario, Canada
Cottage Vineyards (International), China (HK)
Euro-Global, Poland
Vinarius, Switzerland
MISJA, Poland
Saint Vincent Wine, Mexico
Van Den Einde, Belgium
DCanter – A Wine Boutique, Washington DC, USA
UVAS Americas, FL, USA
Qualyvines Wine Trading, Netherlands
Bio-Vin, Denmark
Poot Agenturen, Netherlands
Vino Español, Germany
Viet Phat Services and Trading Company Limited, Vietnam
Vin Munnen, Netherlands
Vini e Affini, Poland
Malibe Export & Import, Panama
Los Sueños de Lo Capitán, Netherlands
Natural Vines, Quebec, Canada
Wharton Fine Wines Limited, Ontario, Canada
Rico Group, Lebanon
Vidalco, USA